Central Waterfront of Hong Kong - International Urban Planning & Design Competition

Lead Organization:

Designing Hong Kong

Designing Hong Kong has organized and sponsored this event to further our commitment to the creation of a more livable and rich Hong Kong urban environment for citizens and visitors alike. Our actions and events provide sustainable solutions and roadmaps to some of the city’s greatest challenges in managing the city and its built environment.

Designing Hong Kong is a facilitating force and platform to encourage the further development of civic articulation and advocacy in sustainable urban planning and design, including transport and marine issues by:

  • Identifying focus areas where improvement in urban planning is needed
  • Identifying strategic issues within the planning process which need to be addressed
  • Building capacity by establishing and strengthening an organization with an expanding network, a library and research function, and a lobbying/PR capability
  • Generating alternative urban planning and design advocacy research materials and tools for public use
  • Commissioning professionals to work on the focus areas and strategic issues and represent the communities perspective
  • Articulating a coherent set of principles and creating the thinking models for urban planning and design that takes into account the public interest in achieving the city’s long-term economic, social, environmental and cultural goals
  • Facilitating and empowering civic groups to have the research to advocate their cause and organize their own efforts

Furthermore, we promote thinking big, and provide a voice for the world class visions and standards that are necessary to making Hong Kong a truly world class city. We embrace these standards and hold the government to them within the realms of transport, urban planning, historic preservation, and economic development. Through our independent and collaborative actions, we offer an invaluable resource to the community of Hong Kong

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Technical Advisor

The Urban Design Committee of the Hong Kong Chapter of the American Institute of Architects

Supporting Organizations

Hong Kong University, Centre of Urban Planning and
Environmental Management


Hong Kong University, Department of Architecture

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Architecture


Hong Kong Designers Association

Harbour Business Forum


Citizen Envisioning @ Harbour

Designing Hong Kong Harbour District

Citta d’ Aqua


Hong Kong Sustainable Development Forum

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