Central Waterfront of Hong Kong - International Urban Planning & Design Competition

Submissions should be centered upon and reflect the special importance of the area and its stringent demands for the Central Waterfront;

  1. The area serves as the entry point and doorstep to Hong Kong and should clearly reflect its identity and character
  2. The Central Waterfront is a critical element of Hong Kong’s skyline which has become the renowned dominant international icon of the city
  3. The site is immediately in front of the Central Business District, home to the main offices of both the Hong Kong Government and leading companies from Hong Kong, Asia and around the world
  4. The site must answer the need to harmoniously merge the expanding business district with the increasing demand for open spaces, leisure, entertainment, and cultural uses for residents and visitors along the harbour
  5. The site is the key transport hub for Hong Kong Island, and must efficiently integrate all the relevant modes of transport including airport rail, underground rail (MTR), ferries/fast boats, private yachts, the Central-Wanchai Bypass, various circulation roads, franchise and non-franchise buses and minibuses.

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