Central Waterfront of Hong Kong - International Urban Planning & Design Competition

Participants should embrace the basic principles of the “creation of vibrancy and diversity”, “enjoyable public spaces”, and the “creation of a green unifying edge to the Harbour and Central Business District” as set out by the Government as the objective for the Central Design Refinement Study, as well as the various urban design and planning principles adopted by the community (set out below).

Submissions should encapsulate “an end-state” vision for the Central Waterfront of Hong Kong which reflects an understanding of the underlying dynamics, uses, character and identity of the site.
This can be expressed in terms of plans, drawings, computer imaging and other techniques. The attainment of good urban design is of crucial importance to this important site both in terms of its waterfront location, and the aspiration to identify as a world-city. This needs to be inherent in the overall approach to conceptual development, planning layout, sense of place, urban and architectural design.

Project schemes should take into account the existing infrastructure, the Central-Wanchai Bypass and the use of the Tamar site for the new Government Offices’ complex.

Competition submissions are expected to be innovative, yet practical and feasible. Therefore entries may challenge the existing broad land use and transport plans, however, aspects which divert from the Central and Central Extension Outline Zoning Plans must be duly justified. Failure to do so may deem a submission impractical.

Participants may consider:
- Amendments to the Outline Zoning Plans proposed by Designing Hong Kong (application Y/H24/4), which are justified in the application document
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- Review of the Design Study for Central Waterfront by Citizen Envisioning @ Harbour
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