新聞稿 – 步走救海下: 保衛郊野公園,不要村屋佔領
Press release:Walk to Save Hoi Ha – Appeal to Save Our Country Parks from Small Houses

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新聞稿 - 步走救海下: 保衛郊野公園,不要村屋佔領




海下村位於西貢郊野公園東北部的不包括土地 ,三面環山的具特殊科學價值地點,北邊是海下海岸公園,眺望深圳。曾到海下的人都對這處的自然風光讚口不絕,海下村距離市區約90分鐘車程,但由於海洋及山林內都擁有極珍貴的生態,每年都吸引約十萬名遊客。海下更是多種動植物棲息地。 更有人認為這人間仙境。 很多人會到海下行山、暢泳、划艇、潛水、觀賞海星或珊瑚,呼吸新鮮空氣,偷半日浮生,暫時離開城市的繁囂。 










Press release: Walk to Save Hoi Ha – Appeal to Save Our Country Parks from Small Houses 

Sai Kung, 14 October 2013 – Over 100 people today joined the Walk to Save Hoi Ha as part of the ‘Save Our Country Parks’ campaign. 

Following the Tai Long Sai Wan incident in 2010, Government promised to protect enclaves and Country Parks against development. However, plans released recently allow large-scale small house developments in enclaves, including Hoi Ha. 

The walk commenced at the Tai Tan enclave, a traditional village along the coast of Long Harbour. This peaceful idyll is being destroyed. Bulldozers and diggers have moved in to build some 20 houses under the Small House Policy. Fields have been cleared and trees and bushes have been hacked down.

Hoi Ha village is an enclave which overlooks the Hoi Ha Marine Park, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and one of Hong Kong’s four Marine Parks. Hoi Ha is a site of outstanding ecology both in the sea and within its woodland. The area attracts 100,000 visitors a year who escape the city’s urban jungle to bathe in the clean sea water, kayak in the sheltered bay, to take delight in the many starfish exposed at low tide, and SCUBA dive and snorkel over the coral. 

The Draft Outline Zoning Plan released by the Town Planning Board panders to developers, paying only lip-service to protection of the Country and Marine Parks. The zoning will allow up to a hundred houses to be built in Hoi Ha. Mature woodland will have to be felled and farmland will be lost together with a rich diversity of flora and fauna which established since the land was abandoned more than 40 years ago. 

The Town Planning Board is considering the plans for other enclaves, including Hoi Ha, Pak Lap, To Kwa Peng, Pak Tam Au. It is clear that the Heung Yee Kuk is on a roll with large areas of land set aside for small house developments right smack in the middle of the Sai Kung and Plover Cove Country Parks.

The Director of the Agriculture and Fisheries as the Country and Marine Parks Authority has yet to evaluate the cumulative impacts of small house developments on the integrity of the Sai Kung and Plover Cove Country Parks.

The promise after the Tai Long Sai Wan incident in 2010 was to protect country parks against development of the enclaves. But apparently the Director considers it too much trouble to include the enclaves of private land into the country park as he will have to deal with development applications and claims for compensation.

He fails to realize that surrendering control over development in the enclaves to the Lands Department under the Small House Policy will cause even more trouble. We can all see throughout the New Territories what the result will be: The chaos of small houses, the lack of public sewerage, expedient drainage and unauthorized occupation of land for informal roads and parking. 

The construction and habitation of these houses will increase traffic and transport demands. Two permits for each dwelling are issued by the District Office and the AFCD which allow vehicles to enter the Sai Kung Country Park. All this traffic will require roads and widening of existing roads throughout the parks. If it is not done by Government, illegal roads will be built as we have seen at Pak Lap where the Director is now under pressure from villagers to replace the illegal road with a brand-new road build with public money through the country park. 

The Save Our Country Parks campaign objects to letting the cancer of small house developments destroy the country parks. If there ever was a need for changing the boundaries of the country park, it is to incorporate the enclaves into the country parks and to stop development as promised in 2010. 

The Save Our Country Parks campaign will discuss these issues during a public forum in Sai Kung Town Hall on 19 October. Participants include green groups, legislators, and village representatives.