• 飲品業龍頭企業與非政府組織攜手減廢 目標回收七至九成飲品包裝Leading drink companies together with NGOs target 70%-90% recovery of used beverage packaging
  • 「不是土地短缺問題」 “Hong Kong is not short of land”
  • 環團聯合聲明 - 拒絕參與破壞郊野公園 Green groups refuse to participate in the destruction of Country Parks
  • 齊參與《綠色鄉村約章》及登記成為鄉村代表選民! Support the Village Charter and Register as a voter!
  • 保育南生圍投票結果公佈Nam Sang Wai Conservation Poll Result
  • 免「廢」暢飲 發佈會 Announcement of "Drink Without Waste "
  • 重新思考中環街市Rethink the Central Market
  • 「民間土地資源專家組」成立 Formation of a Citizens Task Force on Land Resources
  • 有害醫療廢料再現香港 市民健康繼續受嚴重威脅 Dangerous and harmful medical waste found on HK’s beaches continues to put people at risk
  • New dangerous medical waste found at HK’s beaches puts residents at risk 新危險醫料廢料襲港,對市民構成嚴重威脅
  • Joint statement regarding dumping and land filling by concern groups and environmental NGOs 關注團體及環保組織就傾倒泥頭和填土問題的聯署信
  • 【鄉議局破壞郊野公園 土地已售予發展商】上週末,鄉議局破壞了西貢郊野公園的不包括土地內的濕地,藉此抗議政府將該該處和鄰近土地劃為保育用地……我們的調查發現,慘遭破壞和斬樹的土地大部份已在2012年賣予數個發展商。原居民早已放棄了他們土地的業權,何談復耕? 【Country Parks under attack from the Heung Yee Kuk】Last Sunday, the Heung Yee Kuk felled trees and removed vegetation on wetland deep inside the Sai Kung Country Park....Our investigation has now revealed that the land in question was sold to developers in 2012. The indigenous villagers long gave up their interest in farming.
  • Queen’s Pier to City Hall?? or Pier 9 and 10?? 大會堂重置皇后碼頭?還是選址在9號10號碼頭?
  • Online Survey: Electronic Road Pricing 意見調查:電子道路收費
  • 'Missing Seats' is lobbying government for more and better seats along streets, at bus stops, and in public space.Together we can make Hong Kong a better place for all. 「邊度無凳坐」希望令大家明白安全又舒適既座位對香港人既重要性,俾自己一個參與設計香港既機會,話俾我地知邊到應該有凳坐!
  • and bad pedestrian links in Hong Kong. We will ask the Transport and Housing Bureau to fix these over time. 「邊度冇路行」的目標是希望各位能提供缺乏或有問題行人路的位置,我們會要求運輸及房屋局改善清單中的行人路。
  • The Small House Policy has a complex history, officially beginning in 1972. But the complexities began when the New Territories were added in 1898. 自1898年英國租借新界,土地問題就從未停止。直到1972年「小型屋宇政策」(俗稱丁屋)令問題更加複雜。
5 May

FAQ 常見問題:Electricity 電力

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Title: Whether Hong Kong should purchase electricity from China in the future?



14 April

回應小販管理建議 Re: Hawker Management Proposal

Here are our comments regarding the hawker management policy suggested by the government:

We support the proposed principles for Hong Kong’s hawker policy.

We urge for an additional principle
 together with Shop Extensions and Outdoor Seating Arrangements

We support the measures proposed by government

Hawker trade is not welfare

District led proposals should be promoted

Details please see our written submission or presentation in Legislative Council.

8 April

Where can I sit?


If you want people to walk, you got to make sure they can sit. At first glance this appears a contradiction, but walkable cities need many places for people to sit.
People and especially elderly are willing to walk further and forego a vehicular trip if they know there is a place to rest half way. It also makes the city friendlier.

Well placed public seats allow people to relax. It creates opportunities for incidental encounters which are important for community building. It makes the city more accessible for people with disabilities.

So how far are you willing to walk? Ever wondered why there are not more seats around our city in public areas?


25 March

Object to small house developments in Tai Long Wan

Ham Tin overlay 3

Dear Chairman and Members,

I object to planning permission for the development of five houses as this will impact the natural and cultural heritage of Tai Long Wan, and contravene the planning intention as agreed under the Outline Zoning Plan for Tai Long Wan (S/SK-TLW/5). 


25 March

More seats on the minibus 增加小巴座位

Please Sign Online Today! 請參與網上聯署!
We Will Write To The Government And Legislative Council With The Signatures Received.

Go to: http://designinghongkong.com/forms/view.php?id=29063


More seats on the minibus

dhk minibus wp info

4 March
1 February

Petition to save Hong Kong Park

The government plans to spend 750 million dollars to relocate the Harcourt Road fresh water pumping station to Hong Kong Park. The construction will result in the removal of a wooded slope at Hong Kong Park and felling of 118 trees. It would impact 2,150 square meters of park space, and major sections of the 150 year old squared rubble defensive wall at Flagstaff House heritage site.

Please sign the below petition now.



7 November

The right harbour authority, otherwise we’ll be better off without
要就要對的海濱管理局 否則唔要罷就


The Government is consulting the public on the setting up of a Harbourfront Authority but both the digest and response form fail to address key concerns. These include a lack of oversight over the harbour as a whole; the lack of advisory powers over Government departments; a lack of legitimacy in land allocation; bias towards commercial operations; and a loss of the public voice on the Board.

Since 2004, Designing Hong Kong has called for an authority to create world class waterfronts. Now the shortcomings need to be resolved before the community and legislators support the proposal.



18 July

3rd Runway Concerns

Currently Hong Kong has over 80% of the international flights out of the Pearl River Delta. With the 3rd Runway proponents hope to maintain a large share of this growing market. But with only 7% of the population and manufacturing moving ever further land inwards, how sensible is that? The economic gains benefit a few, while the rest of the community pays. It is not just the money: Air pollution, noise, loss of marine habitat, and traffic – lots of it.



17 July

Missing Links

Go to www.missinglinks.hk for pictures, videos and reports.