Designing Hong Kong is a non-profit organization in Hong Kong which promotes interventions wherever it sees bad planning – at a territorial or district level, and wherever it sees that policies, processes or institutions are not working the way they should. The aim of Designing Hong Kong is to increase public awareness and to improve Hong Kong’s collective ability to plan and deliver a sustainable and a ‘beautiful’ city. It advocates the adoption of sustainability, quality of life and good design as core values in planning and development.

. The organization is committed to achieving the following objectives:

  • To promote the health, safety, convenience and the general, social, and economic welfare of the community of Hong Kong today, WITHOUT COMPROMISING the future;
  • To identify ways and means of enhancing the quality and sustainability of Hong Kong’s living environment for the health, safety, convenience and welfare of residents and visitors;
  • To undertake research and studies into the design and development of Hong Kong’s living environment;
  • To educate and raise the awareness among the community on the need to protect and enhance the living environment of Hong Kong, and the ways and means to do so;
  • To form alliances among members of the community with a common interest(s) in protecting and enhancing the living environment of Hong Kong
  • To undertake any and all lawful acts and deeds which are necessary and conducive to attaining the objects of the Company


  • 關注香港的社會、經濟、福利,令香港在今天或往後的未來成為健康、安全、便利的城市;
  • 尋找為本地居民和旅客提供健康、安全、便利和福利的方法,提高香港居住環境質素;
  • 進行調查,研究香港的居住環境的設計和發展;
  • 教育和提昇公眾意識,讓大眾認識保護及提昇香港的生活質素的方法和途徑;
  • 與持分者合作,一起推動香港可持續發展;
  • 採取合法的方法及行動以達成機構目標。