Save Our Country Parks from Development

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Join the ‘Save Our Country Parks’ campaign here.

Should we have zoning for Small House Development (left) or include enclaves into Country Parks (right)?

PL after     PL current     

stream not CP     Stream CP

road village      road cp 

Over 20 green groups have joined to form the “Save Our Country Parks” alliance with one simple demand: Incorporate the enclaves into the Country Parks so they can enjoy active management, park amenities and regular patrols, and development is subject scrutiny by the Country and Marine Parks Board.

The Small House Policy is the most destructive form of development. The houses lack public sewerage and drainage, they are built without infrastructure, they are built without oversight and the demand is infinite.

The Tai Long Sai Wan incident in July 2010 was a reminder that country parks are at risk from development on enclaves of private land. The Government promised immediate action to protect the parks. Unfortunately, the first three plans gazetted for public comment – Hoi Ha, Pak Lap and So Lo Pun – include large areas for “New Territories Exempted Houses”.

To protect country parks from development, please click here to support our campaign to incorporate enclaves into country parks (Deadline: 27 November 2013).

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