This Sunday: Walk to appreciate Tai Long Sai Wan

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「大浪西灣 城鄉共享」

“We share, We love, We support” –Tai Long Sai Wan

西貢大浪灣關注組及「保衛郊野公園」向大家推介在這個星期日舉行的「大浪西灣 城鄉共享」郊遊活動。屆時,一同前往「香港後花園」--大浪西灣,欣賞當地美麗景色,並支持將大浪西灣「不包括土地」納入郊野公園。

Friends of Tai Long Sai Wan (FDOTLS) and Save Our Country Parks (SOCP) recommend the “We share, We love, We support” appreciation walk to Tai Long Sai Wan this Sunday. The walk and visit of the beach is recommended in support of the Hong Kong Government and its plan to incorporate Tai Long Sai Wan enclave into Sai Kung East Country Park.

詳情 Details:

日期 Date:2013/ 12 / 01 (星期日 Sunday)

集合時間 Assembly time:上午 10:00 am

集合地點 Assembly place:西貢西灣亭 Sai Wan Pavilion

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推介者 Recommended by  :

西貢大浪灣關注組 Friends of Tai Long Sai Wan 

保衛郊野公園 Save Our Country Parks

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