VITA WATER wins the most popular “Brand on the Beach” award

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Press Release – 6 th March 2013

Living Lamma volunteers collected and sorted waste found in Pak Kok beach on Lamma Island by brand label. After 3 clean ups, 1112 plastic bottles with 761 different identifiable brand labels were found.

VITA WATER is the brand which has the most bottles (23% of all identifiable bottles) littering the beach surveyed. In second place is BONAQUA with 13% of bottles found. In third place was COOL Water with 11% of identifiable bottles found. A full report is attached.

Jo Wilson, campaigner at Living Lamma explained, “I was not surprised. People always think garbage on the beach comes drifting down the Pearl River Delta. We chose to monitor this beach as the rubbish we found there in the past largely contained local brands. Our findings show that beach litter is our own problem. Many people don’t realize that litter on the streets and slopes will end up in our seas, and back onto our beaches.”

Paul Zimmerman, CEO, Designing Hong Kong added, “We hope that brand names like VITA will take action and use their labeling to remind consumers to dispose bottles properly. At the same time, the Hong Kong community should consider adding a recycling charge onto plastic bottles and not just glass bottles, to promote recovery and return for recycling use.”

Living Lamma and Designing Hong Kong see the “Brand on the Beach” award event as part of a growing “Pick It Up” attitude in Hong Kong. People are responding to a positive attitude which promotes: “Don’t just look at the trash or complain about it, pick it up.” Last summer, members of the public helped clear up plastic pellets after the Vicente Typhoon. The AFCD has removed waste bins from Country Parks and asks people to carry their waste out of the parks. An increasing number of people are getting involved in coastal clean-up campaigns.

“Next, we hope fast food chains will ask patrons to return their food tray to a cleaning station before leaving. Maybe they can consider discount coupons in return. It is no longer about ‘not littering’, but about ‘picking up’ garbage. A campaign everyone including retailers and brand companies can help with.” Paul Zimmerman concluded.

The next clean up on Lamma will be on Sunday April 14th, anyone who is interested please send email to Jo at

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新聞稿 – 2013年3月6日


在可辨認出其品牌的沙灘垃圾膠樽之中,維他純蒸餾水共佔百分之廿三,贏得冠軍。亞軍由佔百分之十三的飛雪礦物質水所奪; Cool 礦泉水以輕微之差(百分之十一)得季軍。詳情可參閱完整報告。

活在南丫的參與者Jo Wilson說:「我們總以為沙灘垃圾是從珠江三角洲漂流過來,而不知道我們是沙灘垃圾的始作俑者。我們驚見南丫島的北角村充滿本地品牌的垃圾,原來我們在街上亂丟或棄置在斜坡上垃圾,最後都會落到大海然後回到我們的沙灘上。這個沙灘對著香港島,不時有本地品牌垃圾漂上岸所以我們決定在清潔這個沙灘。」





2) 「沙灘上的品牌」攝影集