Designing Hong Kong

City Speak IX - Street Culture: Art + Design + Activism
第九回City Speak:Street Culture: Art + Design + Activism(由Fringe Club與Designing Hong Kong合辦),探討香港的街頭文化的種種層面,大至整個城市的街道整體規劃、一條天橋的建造,小至一塊路標指示牌的設計、公園里的一張凳子,講者引用眾 多我們日常體驗香港街頭文化活生生的例子來論證,觀眾多有同感。
是次City Speak,參與的講者和觀眾人數都是歷次之最,輕松自由的交流環境更為本次講座倍添生色!


  • Henry Steiner, Head of Steiner&Co
  • Benny Chia, Director of the Fringe Club
  • Law Man-lok, conceptual artist
  • Mirana May Szeto, Research Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature, HKU.
  • Tony Lam, Director of AGC Design Ltd.


  • Paul Zimmerman, Designing Hong Kong Limited



講座氣氛非常隨意自在,觀眾可坐可站,或靠著吧臺自由表達自己的意見,渴了就飲 杯野。



從左到右:Paul Zimmerman(Moderator,Designing Hong Kong的創始人);Benny Chia(講者,藝穗會藝術總監);Henry Steiner(講者,知名graphic designer)。

附: 主講者簡介

Henry Steiner is an internationally acclaimed graphic designer and head of Steiner&Co., one of the world's leading brand identity design consultancies. He is a Doctor, honoris causa: Hong Kong Baptist University; Honorary professor: University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. A resident of Hong Kong since 1961, he holds a Master's degree from the Yale School of Art, and is co-author of Cross-Cultural Design: Communicating in the Global Marketplace (1995, Thames and Hudson).

Benny Chia is Director of the Fringe Club, founder of the Hong Kong Festival Fringe, the Fringe Club Hong Kong and the City Festival. He has written and produced numerous dance, theatre and site-specific multi-media productions, and has curated many art exhibitions. Benny is currently a committee member of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority.

Law Man-lok is a conceptual artist. He was the anchor for the RTHK TV programme entitled Cultural Magazine. His works emphasize the synergy between imagination and what he likes to think of as 'criticality'. Law's pieces usually find a starting point in his surroundings, and he has expressed his concerns about the rampant commercialization that characterizes Hong Kong’s development as a city.

Mirana May Szeto is Research Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature, HKU. Her books-in-process are entitled The Radical Itch: Cultural Politics and Its Discontents and Decolonizing Neoliberalism: Urban Cultural Politics in Post 1997 Hong Kong. She also writes on the conditions of the film industry, the cultural clusters and culture-led urban redevelopment in Hong Kong and China.

Tony Lam is an architect and heritage conservation expert and director of AGC Design Ltd., an architectural firm involved in urban planning, heritage conservation and many other projects. He is the author of " From British Colonization to Japanese Invasion - The 100 years architects in HK 1848-1941".

Paul Zimmerman is an urban activist and founding member of Designing Hong Kong Limited, a not-for-profit organization promoting sustainable planning in Hong Kong (