Designing Hong Kong

Walking in Tsim Sha Tsui

Civic Exchange and Designing Hong Kong submitted a paper to the Harboutfront Commission on the progress of the Walkability Research and Engagement Project. The paper can be downloaded here. Below is a short powerpoint presented to the Harbourfront Commission and below is the proposed long list of fixes.

UPDATE! Ming Pao Weekly Magazine just ran a cover feature on the issue. You can download the feature here.

思匯政策硏究所與創建香港最近向海濱事務發展委員會提交了報告,匯報有關 步行硏究及公眾參與的進度。按這兒參看相關文件及是當天匯報的簡報。以下清單列出一連串的改善項目。


更新! 明報周刊剛為這個議題做了封面主題,請按此下載


  • Plan for district networks, not just station networks
  • Prioritize pedestrian connectivity at street level
    • Crossing of Salisbury Road in front of the Peninsula
    • Crossing of Kowloon Park Drive at Peking Road
    • Widen effective footway (remove obstacles, widen pavement)
    • Integrate parks and properties into pedestrian network planning
  • Provide comprehensive climate controlled grade separated network
    • Consolidate all below ground links as one network
    • Expand the underground network
    • Direct link from the MTR station to the waterfront
  •  Branding of the grade separated network
    • Naming and icon
    • Name each tunnel (same name as road above)
    • Extent visual identity of properties underground (land marks)
    • Standardize direction signage to entrances
    • Standardize maps and direction signage inside
    • Replicate a busy street: shops, seating, busking, …
  • Enhance way finding
    • Develop a mapping system for a layered city
    • Create navigation applications for handheld and other devices
    • North is north
    • Create one consolidate pedestrian information system irrespective of ownership
    • Single naming system for entrances & exits
  •  Enhance finding of barrier free access
    • Identify barrier free routes
    • Directional signage to barrier free access facilities
    • Notices (such as lift repair) should be bilingual

  • 著眼地區網絡的規劃,而不是僅僅著眼鐵路站的連接
  • 優先發展地面層行人通道的連接
    • 在半島酒店前增加穿过梳士巴厘道的行人過路設施
    • 在北京路增加穿過九龍公園道的行人過路設施
    • 擴寬有效人行道(移除障礙物,擴寬人行道)
    • 將公園和物業納入人行道系統規劃
  • 提供完善、全天候的行人系統
    • 統一整合所有地下行人路線
    • 擴展地下系統
    • 提供地鐵站到海濱的直達線路
  • 打造分層行人系統
    • 命名和標記
    • 給每個隧道命名(名稱同路面上的道路相同)
    • 增強地下物業的視覺可辨性(地標)
    • 出入口指路標誌標準化
    • 地圖及其標誌標準化
    • 複製繁忙街道的要素:商店,座椅,街頭賣藝…
  • 便捷尋路
    • 新建一套多層次城市的地圖系統
    • 發明手機及其他掌上設備的導航工具
    • 地圖統一指北
    • (不管物業歸屬)創建一套統一的行人資訊系統
    • 出入口採用單一命名系統
  • 便捷尋找無障礙通道
    • 識別無障礙路徑
    • 通往無障礙通道的指路標誌
    • 通知(如升降梯維修)應該採用雙語