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本年九月在討論興建合和中心二期(前稱Mega Tower)時,閣下曾說:「現在不是大聲服從細聲的社會,有理一定說得清」。





Mr. Thomas Jefferson Wu
30 Sept 2008
c/o 64th floor, Hopewell Centre
FAX: 2 8 6 1 – 2 0 6 8 
Email: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Wu,

In your September, 2008 discussion on the future development of Hopewell II (formerly known as Mega Tower), you stressed that “We no longer live in a society where loudest voice wins, but on the contrary, valid reasoning will lead to ultimate success”.

I quite agree with your view that “valid reasoning will lead to ultimate success”.

In order to clarify your views to a wider audience, I sincerely hope you will accept the invitation from Commercial Radio's current affairs program "Left-and-Right" to an open discussion with the general public.

It can be on any day most suitable to you in October, 2008. I believe that the truth will reveal itself through an honest discussion.
District Resident
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