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The Conservancy Association has filed an application (No.Y/H5/2) to rezone a site which Hopewell wants to buy and combine with other properties to create the MegaTower (now also promoted as Hopewell Centre 2) to green belt. For more information, click here.

TODAY is the deadline for supporting comments. Click here on the Town Planning Board website and express your support in the comment box. By doing so you cut down the size of the MegaTower to a more friendly neighbour.

Many good reasons for your support for this application:

  • Wanchai is critically short of public open space. Since 1968, Town Planning Board zoned this land for Open Space, and its zoning plans have consistently emphasised the shortage of Open Space in Wanchai. Government figures show a drop from 86 hectares in 1968 to 3.85 hectares in 2008. A 95% drop!

  • The site is a community asset. This is Government land and it is currently an open space. It should not be sold to private development for private gain.

  • To keep the existing open space is to fulfil its original planning intention to keep this an open space.

  • The site is filled with mature trees which serves as a buffer in the already densely built Wanchai south. Keeping the site in tact is a public gain for the community.

  • Saving the greenery at this site will also make it more consistent with the heritage of old Wanchai. It is another public gain.

  • Selling this land to Hopewell will facilitate a large oversized development increasing traffic by 30% on Kennedy Road and further increasing the pedestrian and vehicular congestion in Wanchai. There is no public gain in that plan.

For more information about the Conservancy Association plan to keep the site green, click here. http://www.info.gov.hk/tpb/en/plan_application/Y_H5_2.html

To express your supporting comments for the Conservancy Association's plan to keep part of the MegaTower site green, and thereby reduce the size of the MegaTower, simply click here and fill out the form today.

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