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designing hong kong
A better plan for the people of Tung Chung

Many developments are in the works for North Lantau, including the Hong-Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HKZMB) with a border crossing facility and connections to Lantau and Tuen Mun, the logistics park, reclamations to expand Tung Chung and the third runway.

What is missing is a North Lantau Development Office responsible for coordinating the plans from the different entities into one coherent plan which everyone can be proud off - the residents, the dolphins, the businessmen, the crabs, the airport, the government, the visitors, ... foremost, a plan which minimizes reclamation and impact on the environment, but provides the infrastructure required and agreed upon.

Designing Hong Kong proposes, as a first step, to move the alignment of the planned road links for the HKZMB north of the airport island and run the road under through the third runway. This will minimize reclamation, and remove an eyesore and source of polution for the people of Tung Chung.

The current plan for the road links runs an ugly elevated highway close to Tung Chung

The 8-lane elevated road deck is an eye sore for Tung Chung residents and visitors of Lantau

Designing Hong Kong proposes to integrate the road and the 3rd runway, minimizing reclamation and taking the traffic away from Tung Chung

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