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The proposed walkway from Tamar across Harcourt Road does NOT link to Admiralty Centre

Open Letter
Secretary for Transport and Housing
16f, Murray Building, Garden Road, Hong Kong
[email protected] 

Objection to the proposed road works PWP item no. 063KA under the Roads (Works, use and Compensation) Ordinance (Chapter 370) (deadline January 27, 2009).

At great inconvenience to the Public, the Government and the MTR Corporation failed to agree on a direct link between the elevated public space of the Tamar Development Project and Admiralty Centre.

A direct footbridge between the ‘Green Carpet’ of Tamar and the elevated pedestrian network in Admiralty was promised and communicated in all plans, models and papers published to date (see:
www.tamar.gov.hk ).

Connecting through Admiralty Centre requires an agreement between Government and the Incorporated Owners of Admiralty Centre – an organization which is controlled by the MTR Corporation, which in turn is majority owned by the Government itself.

By landing the footbridge on the sidewalk just in front of Admiralty, the Government avoids paying compensation to the owners of Admiralty Centre for their loss in advertising and rental income.

However, the failure to link Tamar directly via the Admiralty Centre into the elevated circulation system of Queensway Plaza, United Centre, Lippo Centre, Far East Financial Centre, Fairmont House, Bank of America, Pacific Place and the Queensway Government Offices complex is highly inconvenient for the Public as they will have to go down to the street level first, and then up again to continue their journey.

Moreover, building massive staircases linking the footbridge and the sidewalk in front of Admiralty Centre will obstruct the pedestrian flow along the sidewalk itself and will require narrowing Harcourt Road by one lane, unduly limiting the throughput capacity of this busy road.

For these reasons we object to this project.
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