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Hong Kong has some of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the world.

The GOOD NEWS is that people are beginning to discover it. Click here for a recent story in UK's Guardian newspaper.

The BAD NEWS is that there are many examples of despoliation in our countryside, in areas that are out of sight of the rule of law. This presentation shows a particularly bad example: of how a famous beauty spot has been trashed, not once, but twice – hold your nose, you will be shocked.

As the urbanisation of the Pearl River Delta continues apace, the wilderness areas of Hong Kong are acquiring incalculable value. Owners of private land in these areas are sitting on a potential gold mine. But few understand how their property can be sensitively developed into profitable venues for tourists or visitors, or have the capital to do it. Furthermore, they are hampered by zoning and lease restrictions and lack of appropriate infrastructure such as sewage treatment. Government policy changes are required to promote sensitive development and use of these rural assets, rather than the current situation of dilapidation or “unlicensed” developments. These sites are not appropriate for large-scale resort projects, nor will they make much headway as cheap overnight stays amid trashed villages. This is an area that merits greater attention by the Tourism Commission.
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