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Stop the destruction of Staunton, Wing Lee and Bridges Street
The Central and Western District Concern Group
is fighting to keep the ambience of Old Central. They call on everyone to OBJECT to the Urban Renewal Authority development project H19 - which covers Staunton Street/Wing Lee Street/Bridges Street.

The deadline for objections on the Town Planning Application A/H3/387 is TODAY, 24 March 2009, at mid night.
For more information
click here or visit www.centralandwestern.org. Or if you know how it works, you can send your OBJECTIONS directly to the Town Planning Board at [email protected] or use the TPB online comment form (click here).

The affected area
The area is is just behind the Hollywood Road Police Quarters. It is largely low-rise and links up our historic city from the Central Police Station to Tai Ping Shan.

The beautiful Wing Lee Street with its row of tong laus is the backdrop for Cheung Yuen Ting's movie which is being shot now. Go and see how the area has been done up. If the H19 URA plan is allowed to go ahead, Wing Lee Street and all the tong laus which have been beautifully renovated by their owners will be destroyed.

The current plans
Site A (Wing Lee Street): a row of 6-storey low-rise (9 of the original 12 tong laus will be demolished, only 3 will be kept);
Site B (88-90 Staunton Street & 2-10 Shing Wong Street): an 8-13 storey building behind the tong lau in 88-90 Staunton Street;
Site C (60-66 Staunton Street, corner Aberdeen Street): 28-storey high-rise with podium.

Central and Western District Concern Group's requests
1. The entire site should comprise only low-rise (less than 6 storey) buildings.
2. All the historic low-rise tong laus (tenement buildings) on Wing Lee Street should be preserved.
3. New developments should comprise only small land blocks, in keeping with the current characteristics of the area.
4. Bridges Street Market should be re-zoned (to GIC) for community use.
5. Current owners should be allowed to live in their already renovated buildings.

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