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Reader Comments on the No Pollution Solution (for Tung Chung)

The ‘No Pollution Solution' for the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge facilities in Tung Chung
 has provoked strong responses from readers. Below is a selection of the comments - from saving the dolphins and the residents of Tung Chung, to changing the design of the border crossing.

1. The Utter Twaddle Solution

"This "No Pollution Solution" looks to me the biggest load of bollocks. The only No Pollution Solution for a bridge is, of course, to have no bridge at all - Shame on Designing Hong Kong for sending this out."

The dolphins are dead

"The Bridge is terrible for the dolphins. It is utter garbage to say they've moved to the Brothers. They are seen everywhere sometimes. In the summer they are very close to Tai O where the bridge is going.  Please stop saying that one or another option will have less impact on the dolphins. Development on this scale will have a huge impact. The dolphins are screwed."

3. Moving the road and border facilities is better for public health

"The bridge is going to be built. I believe it is a hugely misguided project but the central government wants the bridge to improve interconnectivity in the Delta. We are not going to stop the bridge but we can try minimize the impact on Tung Chung residents and Lantau as a whole.

Tung Chung residents' health is going to be harmed by vehicle noise, light and emissions from thousands of cars and trucks passing in close proximity. Moving the road and facilities 5 km to the other side of the airport means a lesser impact on the health of this growing new town."

4. Light pollution from the Border Crossing Facility worries me

"It is the light pollution that worries me. Security spotlights and headlights of the trucks will keep everyone awake. They should put all traffic and all lights under a green cover over the BCF. It will also keep the drivers cool so they don't keep their engines idling. Here is a picture of what I propose."

5. We need a master plan for the Border Crossing

"I'm from the travel trade. The Border Crossing Facility (BCF) must be designed as a transport interchange which minimizes transfer time and maximizes convenience for all passengers. It must fully integrate the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HKZMB) with the airport, the new HK-Shenzhen Express Link, the existing cross border ferry service and a new MTR. Planning this as a road-only project is a big mistake. We need a master plan for this massive investment. So please ask the right questions:

A. Will the airport people mover extend straight into the BCF?

B. Will there be one integrated terminal building for the cross border ferry, train, busses and people mover?

C. Will people using the HKZMB arrive on the ‘airside' or do they have to go through customs twice?

D. Can people from Zhuhai and Macao hop onto the HK-Shenzhen Express Link and travel to Shenzhen without customs clearance?

E. Is there a system for remote luggage check-in so that passengers - irrespective of the transport they use - don't have to carry bags and suitcases around?

F. Will there be a local MTR station in the BCF? Can people who arrive by the cross border buses, ferries or express trains, clear customs and get onto the MTR to Tsing Yi, TST and Central?

G. Will there be an MTR line parallel to the new Tuen Mun road link?

H. What thought has been given to an integrated system for air cargo?"

6. We need a master plan for Tung Chung

"What are the plans for the extension of Tung Chung Town? What is happening with the logistics park? How are all the different elements coming together? Is there a masterplan showing how all the different plans are working together?"

(No - Designing Hong Kong has never seen such master plan.)

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