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Recommended reading: Webb's newsletter on the Disney Deal and Hemlock's Dairy on the proposal to reclaim the sea between Lamma, Peng Chau and Cheung Chau.

Click here to read David Webb's analysis of the Disney Deal
. 1. is the existing Disneyland, 2. is the agreed extension, 3. and 4. is vacant land held ransom under a 20-year option by Disney. In their wisdom Government failed to cancel the option as part of the debt restructuring which saw Hong Kong give up billions of dollars worth of shares and loans in exchange for a tiny expansion of Disney. 

The very best for all parties, including Disney, is to put the vacant land up for tender and to sell it to the highest bidder for a theme park or other leisure facility: Universal Studios? Waterworld? Maze World? Hong Kong will collect premiums from the sale and as a cluster, Disney and the new venture will attract more visitors. (Image above is copied from Webb-Site.com without permission and marked up by Designing Hong Kong)

Click here to read Hemlock's Diary and
a biting review of plans to reclaim the sea between Lamma, Peng Chau and Cheung Chau. No one has been able to uncover the author's true identity but Hemlock's master plan - which comes awfully close to that of Kai Tak and Kowloon-Mongkok West - hints at expertise on par with our city and transport planners. (Hastily conceived image above is copied without permission from Hemlock's Dairy at  http://www.geocities.com/hkhemlock/papers.html )
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