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Designing Hong Kong encourages you to join Clean Air Network (CAN) , a new NGO dedicated to mobilizing public concern about air pollution, Hong Kong’s biggest health crisis. Become a Friend of CAN and sign their petition, to express your support for tighter air quality standards in Hong Kong. As a Friend, you will receive newsletters such as the one below.

CAN Newsletter #2

Government Unveils Proposed New Air Quality Objectives

Two weeks ago, the Government announced its proposed new Air Quality Objectives, kicking off a 4-month long public consultation period, which will run until November 2009. The public consultation affords the public (YOU!) a window of time, during which to voice its views about Hong Kong’s air quality and urge the government to take bold steps to clean up HK’s air. We urge you, who care about “our air, our health” to speak out during this critical period. Sign Clean Air Network’s (CAN) petition NOW if you’d like to see cleaner air (and stricter AQOs) in HK.

You can download the public consultation document by clicking here . This document includes a public consultation questionnaire, which members of the public  can complete and submit to the Government. This questionnaire comprises nine questions. CAN will post an online version of the questionnaire, with recommended answers, on its website this week, in order to assist concerned members of the public to complete and submit the form to the Government.

A new study shows that kids exposed to pollution from vehicle exhausts before birth have lower IQs.

Researchers for the first time have linked air pollution exposure before birth with lower IQ scores in childhood, bolstering evidence that smog may harm the developing brain. The results come from a study of 249 children of New York City women who wore backpack air monitors for 48 hours during the last few months of pregnancy. Those exposed to the most pollution before birth scored on average four to five points lower than children with less exposure. The study will be published in next month’s edition of Pediatrics.

IF YOU CARE ABOUT “OUR AIR, OUR HEALTH”, SIGN THE CAN PETITION NOW! FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND BUSINESS ASSOCIATES. Every sign-up counts in the run-up to the finalization of Hong Kong’s Air Quality Objectives in November 2009.


The Clean Air Network (CAN), founded by the think tank Civic-Exchange, is a coalition of environmental NGOs, which aims to urge the HK Government to improve HK’s outdoor air quality to the point where pollution no longer poses a significant threat to human health. DesigningHongKong is a Friend of CAN.
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