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Build the MTR South Island Line Underground 將港島南線藏于地下
On 24th July 2009 Government published a notice
(Gazette Notice 4569) regarding the South Island Line and the viaduct from Aberdeen Tunnel, through Ocean Park and Wong Chuk Hang to Ap Lei Chau. The future extension around Pok Fu Lam will be on a viaduct along Aberdeen Harbour. 2009年7月24日,政府就港島南線建設事宜公布通告(憲報公告 4569),該條線路將以高架路軌的方式從香港仔隧道,經過海洋公園、黃竹坑至鴨脷洲。未來延伸至薄扶林路段一帶的地鐵將以高架路軌的方式通過香港仔海濱。

The HKI Southern District Sustainable Development Concern Group disagrees: The viaducts will destroy the green ambiance of the south side. They want the rail lines in shallow tunnels, and they want to beautify Shouson Hill, Ocean Park, Wong Chuk Hang, Ap Lei Chau and Aberdeen. (See visuals below.) 港島南區可持續發展關注組強烈反對此通告,因為高架路軌將破環南岸的優美景色。關注組表示希望鐵路線以淺隧道的方式建造,同時他們渴望美化壽臣山、海洋公園,黃竹坑、鴨脷洲以及香港仔一帶的景觀。(如下圖所示)

The Cost 關于成本
The cost impact is limited: building the MTR in a tunnel will take 3 additional years and cost HK$3bln more. Compare this with the recently approved HK$12bln cost over-run for the rail to Kennedy Town. 其實成本方面的影響十分有限:將鐵路線藏于地下將會增加三年的建造時間,以及3億港元的開支。然而剛剛批準的堅尼地城地鐵項目的花費高達12億港元。

Government justifies its haste and destruction by referring to frustrated Ap Lei Chau commuters who expected the MTR to be built 10 years ago. Neither DAB nor the Democratic Party will be the first to stand up as these commuters can swing one District Council seat between them. It has been forgotten that it was the Government’s attempt to prioritize route 7 (aka 4) around Pok Fu Lam which caused the delay in building the rail line. 政府將其急切之心與破壞環境的責任轉嫁給鴨脷洲十年前就渴望通地鐵的上班族。民主建港聯盟與民主黨都不愿意先站出來說話,因為這些上班族的一票都會影響到他們在區議會中的席位。大概人們已經忘記政府是為了提前實施薄扶林7號線(也就是眾所周知的4號線)的建設才將港島南線的工程延遲的。

You can support the MTR South Island Line Underground
Sign the on-line objection letter before 22 September (click here).
2. Donate funds for the campaign.
3. Act as volunteer.
For details e-mail
[email protected] or call Terry at 2923 8688.

1. 在9月22日之前在網上簽署反對信(請點擊此處)
2. 為我們的活動捐款
3. 成為我們的志愿者

[email protected] 或致電 Terry 29238688.

You can support a Happy Valley station along the South Island Line

The second shortsighted cost saving is the failure to include a Happy Valley station. The South Island Line is a once-only opportunity for residents to gain a valuable alternative transport option when Happy Valley, Causeway Bay and Wanchai are congested. It will also improve traffic flow around the Jockey Club. (We received comments from Happy Valley residents who are worried that recent controls on property development could be relaxed once a station is added. That is a valid concern and continuous vigilance against over-development is needed.) Complete the on-line objection letter before 22 September (click here) 為節省開支而放棄建造跑馬地站,這一舉動顯得鼠目寸光。對當地居民來說,跑馬地、銅鑼灣和灣仔一帶交通擁堵,港島南線是為緩解他們交通問題的唯一機會。同時,這一措施也將加快賽馬會的交通流量 (據跑馬地一帶居民反饋給我們的意見來看,若在此處建立地鐵站,他們就不必擔心地產增值了。這是一個有效的關注點,而且我們也需要對過度開發保持警惕)。請你支持我們,于9月22日前提交反對信(請點擊此處).

Trees will be destroyed and the 750 roosting egrets will need to find a new home. By building the MTR underground, the nullah can become an asset for Wong Chuk Hang. 樹將全部被毀壞,750只可愛的白鷺將無家可歸。然而若將鐵路藏于地下,明渠就會成為黃竹坑寶貴的財富。

The rail and station on a viaduct along Shouson Hill and Ocean Park will destroy the green and open views for everyone who visits the south side. This damage can be avoided – forever - with the rail in a tunnel. 地鐵站以及高架路軌會把壽臣山與海洋公園的美景盡數破壞,每一個看到此景的人都會遺無比憾。然而若將鐵路藏于地下,這一切都可以避免。

The MTR will run on a viaduct over the nullah along Heung Yip Road, severely limiting the opportunity of converting Wong Chuk Hang into a pleasant hotel and retail district. 鐵路沿香葉路橫跨明渠,黃竹坑變為怡人酒店以及商貿區的機會將化為泡影。

To make
Heung Yip Road a green link between Ocean Park and Aberdeen Harbour, and to maintain the ambiance of the south side, we need to build the MTR under – and not above – the ground. 為了將香葉路建成一條綠色長廊連接海洋公園以及香港仔海濱,為了保持南岸的絕美景色,我們需要把鐵路藏在地下。

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