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CitySpeak: Beautiful City, Ugly Places. 美麗城市‧ 醜陋處處
Can we agree on what is beautiful in Hong Kong, and what is ugly? Share your views!
讓我們探討,甚麼是香港的美,甚麼是香港的醜? 提出你的意見!

1. Post your photographs 圖片上載

2. Visit the Exhibition
Fringe Gallery, 18-25 November 2009
圖片展覽: 2009年11月18-25日, 藝穗會畫廊

3. Join the Forum
Saturday, 21 November 2009, Fringe Club 9:30 – 12:30
論壇討論: 2009年11月21日上午9:30-12:30, 藝穗會

有關詳情, 請瀏覽 For more information, visit www.designinghongkong.com or http://www.hkfringe.com.hk/cityspeakviii.pdf

Hong Kong looks great - from a distance! 眺望香港‧令人心醉!
Hong Kong is blessed with stunning natural settings, a drama of islands and bays and steep green mountains. Dotting that landscape is an imposing man-made landscape of densely-packed skyscrapers and colorful lights. It looks great - from a distance.

Up close, the magic is gone, and beauty is replaced with an often ugly reality. Between glittering skyscrapers and sparkling shopping malls we have cracking sidewalks, concrete barriers, metal railings, temporary signs, canopies, and ever more cheap and nasty clutter just about everywhere. Not only is our urban streetscape getting uglier - this clutter is penetrating our rural and country park areas as well!
但在近看之下,瑰麗的魅力卻會驟然消失。取而代之, 卻是醜陋處處──混凝土路障、金屬欄杆、臨時路牌,以及到處令人討厭的混亂。香港的市區變得越來越醜陋,這現象更擴展至鄉郊地區!

It does not have to be that way! 香港不應是這樣的!
How do we get ahead of our standards and guidelines, and have common sense and creativity infuse decision making. How do we raise awareness for less clutter, and advocate beauty? Can we agree on what is beautiful in Hong Kong, and what is ugly?
我們應怎樣向決策者灌輸有關規劃標準及指引, 一般常識及創意思維? 如何令各界關注減少規劃混亂, 確保香港的美麗?但最首要條件是, 我們要指出那些是香港的美麗, 那些是香港的醜陋?

1. Share your photos! 圖片分享!
You can participate and decide what makes our city beautiful, and what makes our city ugly. Go to the Photo Gallery http://publicspace.designinghongkong.com/ and simply register and post your photographs, or comment on photographs already posted.
你可以參與決定, 甚麼可令香港更美麗或更醜陋。只需於註冊後把有關相片上載到相片集http://publicspace.designinghongkong.com/,或可就其他人的相片發表意見。

2. Join the Forum! 參與討論!
CitySpeak VIII, The Fringe Club, 21 November 2009, 9:30 - 12:30
乙城話第八回, 藝穗會, 2009年11月21日上午9:30-12:30

CitySpeak is a forum which brings people from all walks of life together with designers, professionals, policy makers and civic activists to discuss how we can change mindsets, design and engineering practices, and make Hong Kong as pretty from up close as it is from a distance.

3. Visit the Exhibition! 參觀展覽!
Fringe Gallery, 18-25 November 2009
藝穗會畫廊, 2009年11月18-25日

Leading up to the November 21 forum, the Gallery at the Fringe Club will display images of beauty and ugliness in Hong Kong, collected by architect Oren Tatcher. The exhibition is meant to stimulate debate: What is beautiful? What is ugly? Who decides? How do we improve our shared urban and country space so that Hong Kong is more beautiful for everyone?
配合11月21日的討論主題,藝穗會將會展出一批有關香港美與醜的圖片。建築師Oren Thatcher收集了一系列香港最美及最醜一面的圖片,希望透過是次展覽,誘發觀者作出思考,討論何為美醜、由誰來決定美醜? 我們怎樣分配市區及郊野的空間, 令香港在各人眼前一亮!
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