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Sculpture on Hong Kong Sea

Sunday 29 November 2009 (One day only: 9am till late).

Seaview Promenade from Deep Water Bay to Repulse Bay.

30 artists will place sculptures along the promenade for one day.

Come and enjoy a walk through ‘Sculpture on Hong Kong Sea’ any time on Sunday, 29 November. 30 sculptures will be placed along the Seaview Promenade between Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay. The wide Seaview Promenade is 1.2km long and is easily accessible from either side.

Sculpture on Hong Kong Sea is an outdoor dialogue between the public and 19 local and 11 overseas artists. Every artwork is an opportunity to see, touch, appreciate, reflect, dream and enjoy a new experience. The setting provides for a rediscovery of Hong Kong’s beautiful southern coastline. Here the sea, the sound and smells of nature, act as an invigorating tonic. The views offer a magnificent backdrop: an unrivalled theatre for art to stand out.

The theme for this first year is Lightness: What is here today and is gone tomorrow. To quote the Artistic Director Ludwig: “This first show is only one day: Only one instant for the art and the viewer to face each other, only one moment for the art to become part of reality. This is about life - the impermanence of things“.

Two examples of concepts from which 30 artists were selected - their final art is on display for one day along the promenade between Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay, Sunday November 29.

30 artists. 30 Sculptures. One Day.

The Judging Committee comprising of Oscar Ho Hing-Kay, Lukas Tam Wai Ping and John Batten, under guidance of the Artistic Director Ludwig, invited artists and selected artworks.

anothermountainman  (Heaven on Earth)
Antoinette Rozan  (Vol-au-Vent)
Bill Chan Kwok Man  (The Walkers)
Candy Li So Kit  (Harmonize)
Carl Cheng Chi Ming  (Stepper City)
Caroline Mak, Root  (Architecture)
Cheng Kwong Chuen  (Take a break, soak our legs)
Chris Rothermel  (Capta Lux)
Chung Wai Lun  (Gift)
Dennis Ng  (While I listen, While I think)
Gukzik Lau  (See see sea)
Hugo & Orizzonte  (Illusory Chinampa)
Irene Leung  (Swing Rainbow)
Isa Barbier  (Palpitation)
James Wolfe  (Skylight)
Jenny Smith  (Spirit Stone)
Jimmy Lau Chi Lun  (Starry Feast)
Joe Chan  (Jing Ting)
Ludwig  (In flux – November)
Masum Chisty Bang Bang  (Colors run to tree)
Ng Chin Pong  (Nothing compares)
NoMenHealToday  (Why?)
Parry Ling Chin Tang  (Liberation)
Patrick Becuwe  (Life from the sea)
Suzy Cheung Kai Sun  (Musical Bowls)
Tang Kwok Hin  (History and South of Repulse Bay)
Tiffany Sum  (Auntie Big's Backyard)
Winnie Davies  (Water to Sea-the metaphor of life)
Wong Chung Wing (-)
Yankwai Wong  (Moulin-Para-Vent 2009; Wind-Screen-Mill)

Two examples of concepts from which 30 artists were selected - their final art is on display for one day along the promenade between Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay, Sunday November 29.


The 3 founders/directors of Sculpture on Hong Kong Sea are Eric Delannoy, Sum Kwok and Derek Wan. Supporters include: Yeung Yang, Victor Tai Sheung-Shing, Bill Chan Kwok-Man, Eddie Lui Fung-Ngar, Kurt Chan Yuk-Keung, Connie Lam Suk-Yee, John Batten, Oscar Ho Hing-Kay, and Lukas Tam Wai Ping. The organizers have had valuable contributions from: Aziyadé and Mathéo D., Paul R., Adam S., Vita W., Cheryl W., Cécile D., Régis P., Thomas P., Lennon of Culture Club, Joanna W., Nicolas and Kei S., Jamie H., Ayumi A., Yentl T., Sum W.-m., Lanna N, Frederic L and Jaime B of Filmages.

For more information, visit www.sculptureonhongkongsea.com

For comments and suggestions, please email [email protected]

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