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Residents and Developers want a Park in Hung Hom.

Will Government agree?

Large deficit of open space in Hung Hom
Hung Hom has 13.4 hectare of open space. The standard is 2 sq.m. open space per person. (In Singapore the standard is 8 sq. m.!) With a population of 147.640 there is a deficit of 16 hectare in Hung Hom.

Residents want a Government's sales site to become a park
Local residents have applied to the Town Planning Board for rezoning of a large development site into a park in front of the Hung Hom ferry pier. The site is on the Government’s sales list at the moment but could provide 3 hectare of open space, a small reduction in the large shortfall.

Developers agree!
In a press release yesterday REDA explained that more public open space should be provided to meet the minimum standards in older districts.  The developers say that selling land for revenue only results in a poor environment and long term costs in terms of health and quality of life. REDA proposes to build more parks and to take these sites off the sales list, including this site in Hung Hom (see pictures below).

Large developments reduce air flow and create a heat island effect
Development along the Hung Hom waterfront restricts Hong Kong’s easterly winds from cooling down Tsimshatsui, Mong Kok and Hung Hom. The economic costs outweigh short term financial benefits. New developments can go up in Kai Tak and along the railways in the New Territories rather than over-develop heavily populated older districts such as Hung Hom.

You too can support the Hung Hom residents before 11 December 2009
Click here and follow the instructions to complete the submission form on the Town Planning Board’s website before 11 December. It takes one minute: Simply fill in your name, email address and a comment: ‘I support this application’. Feel free to add other comments.

Government Proposal: Hung Hom CDA Development currently on the sales list shows extensive podium development and limited Air Ventilation to inland areas. Hung Hom has a shortage of 16.12 ha of public open space. Local residents wants the area to be used for a park and community facilities.

Alternative Proposal: A Hung Hom Waterfront Park of approximately 3 ha will provide greening and recreational facilities, prevent a wall of new buildings blocking ventilation into the inner areas of Hung Hom, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok. Click here to support the residents’ application.

Details of Hung Hom residents’ application

Gist of Hung Hom Park application (Chinese only)

REDA’s press release with park proposals for Hung Hom and North Point

Independent Consultants’ Reports prepared for REDA

Developers propose parks in other areas too, including North Point

Government proposal for Ex-North Point Estate: The amount of ground level open space is insignificant and the form of the proposed development will block ventilation of North Point.

Alternative Proposal by the Real Estate Developers Association: A North Point Waterfront Park with significant greening and provision of recreational facilities. The site would provide around 3 ha of open space and would meet the current shortfall and significantly improve the urban environment.

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