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Government proposal on the left, and alternative proposal on the right. These vacant sites in Hung Hom will have extensive podium developments in the future. However, residents and developers want the sites to be used as parks to start to address the shortage of 16.12 ha of public open space in this district and to improve air ventilation into the inner areas of Hung Hom, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok.

Hung Hom Park plans plot thickens
Yesterday we alerted you to proposals by both developers and residents to rezone sales sites to open space in Hung Hom.

It now appears that the residents’ application was a rush job led by Kowloon West Legislator Priscilla LEUNG Mei-fun, member of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB). She submitted this simple hand written submission to get ahead of the Democratic Party and to keep up with local sentiments.

Second group of residents in Hung Hom submitted a park proposal
Residents of Phase 9, Whampoa Gardens, together with the Democratic Party have been preparing a larger scale submission for some time. Their application to rezone three sites - (R(A)2, CDA(1), CDA(2)) – and to address the shortage of open space in the district has been submitted to the Town Planning Board yesterday.

'It is quality – not quantity' a reader responds
“Quality and connections are key to success, not quantity. We need variety and active waterfront promenades. Residents had an opportunity to comment on the Hung Hom development proposals 2 years ago. The alternative concept has no more open space than in the Government's plan. Who can be serious about a stadium on the waterfront? There is already a large park in the middle of Hung Hom - Hutchison Park - built more than 15 years ago. The same applies to North Point where Quarry Bay park is just 1km away. It is silly to demand waterfront parks everywhere."

'We want a Hyde Park' a reader says
“Is it not possible to have a relatively 'simple' park, with open grassed spaces where kiddies, and adults, can simply kick a ball around? Preferably NOT these concocted concrete walkways and uninteresting planted areas with 'Keep Off The Grass' and a thousand other 'Do not do' notices! Can we have a park like Hyde Park, London?'

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