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The Market’s View of Life
11-13 December 2009
It is time, again, for Graham Street Market Festival 2009, and for us to reconsider the value of space and life through the prism of Hong Kong’s oldest street market and to appreciate this unique economic activity. To paraphrase Charles Dickens: ‘It is the best of times for high-rises - it is the worst of times for a peaceful lifestyle.’

The street market is falling apart as the Urban Renewal Authority takes control over the area. Promises to maintain the street market have faded with finger pointing between the licensing authority and the renewal authority. It appears that all - including the transport department - are all too happy to see the market 'finally' disappear. Sad, Angry, Upset? Tell the Chief Executive via [email protected]

Over the Market, Market Over Yet?
Exhibition: 12 Dec 2009 to 12 Jan 2010, 7am-5pm daily
Hoi Wan Cafe, 28 Gage Street, Central
Since 2008, photographers from Photosynthesis have been recording the cultural landscape of Hong Kong communities including the Graham Street Market. The photographers Yvette Hui, Arnold Lee, Birdy Lee, Winfred Li, Ronald Leung, Bendick Leung, Andrew Tse and Stanley Ng question the destruction of the market.

Sold Out
Movie: 12 Dec (Fri) 6-8pm
Hoi Wan Cafe, 28 Gage Street, Central

This 13 minute documentary (Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles) is produced by Lee Kin Ho. ‘Sold Out’ directs public attention to a humble story. It records the last day of the Wong family who were forced to leave their home at 29 Graham Street on 29 March this year. Mr. and Mrs. Wong recount 50 years of good and bad days during which life was tough yet there was always a way. Today, while many sing the praises of society’s development and progress, the Wongs have to leave behind the home of their happiness and sorrow, away from their old street full of memories and friendship. Progress of society appears only an illusion.

Nine-Carte Flea Market
13 Dec (Sun) 1:30-5:30pm
Hoi Wan Cafe, 28 Gage Street, Central
Come and see how a traditional café transforms itself into a flea market, and check out creative products by local artists and designers!

Conserving the Right Way: The History and Afterlife of SOHO’s Tong Lau
Seminar and City Tour 13 Dec (Sun) 3pm
Culture Club, 15 Elgin Street, Central

Dr. Ho Puay Peng from the Department of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong, will lead a visit of tong lau clusters in Central followed by a seminar. Many tong lau were built in the 1950s in the SOHO area. These modest Chinese residences are each facing a different future as some are conserved and renovated, preserving the unique landscape of the area, while others are to be demolished to make way for urban renewal. How special are tong lau? What choice do we have?

Raging Along the Rail: A Diary of Choi Yuen
Movie: 11 Dec (Fri) 6:30-8:15pm
Hoi Wan Cafe, 28 Gage Street, Central
Produced by the Choi Yuen Support Group and V-Artivist, this Cantonese movie (80 minutes) tells the story of Choi Yuen village which is forced to make way for the Express Rail link. It is the story of many Hong Kong residents: how homes and public spaces are lost to development and infrastructure. There will be a sharing session with representatives of the Choi Yuen Support Group and the movie producer Chan Yin Kai.

Registrations and Enquiries
For registrations and enquiries call 2127 4504 or email:
[email protected]. Seats are limited. Entrance fee is $100 and includes one drink.
For comments and suggestions, please email [email protected]

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