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Graphic created by the South China Morning Post to highlight the problem of rubbish left behind by contractors of Government departments and utilities. The fix is simple: Don’t pay contractors unless the works site and surrounding area is clean!

Construction waste, plastic bottles, styrofoam lunchboxes, cigarette packets and butts, worn-out boots, well-thumbed magazines and carrier bags….
Every day residents find rubbish left behind by contractors fixing roads, slopes, water pipes, power cables or phone lines.

The fix is simple: Insert a new clause in each and every works contract stating that “The contractor and its sub-contractors are responsible for keeping the works site and surrounding area clean and tidy.”

At the same time, supervisors employed by Government departments and utilities must ensure that all refuse and work materials are removed - from both the works site and surrounding area - BEFORE signing-off completion notices.

This new work ethic will over time also change the behaviour of the many smaller contractors responsible for village houses, graves and minor works projects.

Reader Report

“This weekend, on my walk out to Cheshire Home, I came across a truly epic mess left by contractors working for the Water Supplies Department who simply dumped stuff into the bushes. The entire downhill slope of Chung Hom Kok Road is a mess.”


Let's make it an issue!

Despite weekly media report of illegal dumping and fly tipping last year, there was no mention of new measures in the Policy Address. Let's see how we can get a focus on it this year!

What to do when you spot rubbish?

Send your photographs with a note identifying the location, the date and the department/utility responsible to the Chief Executive ([email protected]) with a copy to ([email protected]).
For comments and suggestions, please email [email protected]

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