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Rugby Sevens 2010 in doubt: Doctors advise against strenuous exercise

Roadside air pollution reached 495 yesterday. Doctors advised people to avoid heavily polluted areas and strenuous exercise. A reading of 0-50 is acceptable under Hong Kong guidelines. When it hits 101-200, people with heart and respiratory illnesses are in trouble. Over 200, healthy people start to suffer eye irritation, coughing, phlegm and sore throats, and suffer severe internal injury. (Photographs by Paul Hilton. Visit Clean Air Network for more information:
www.hongkongcan.org )

Hedley Index shows air pollution was off the charts
According to the Hedley Environmental Index the levels of particulate matter exceeded 700 micrograms per cubic metre yesterday, more than 14 times higher than the annual level of 50 micrograms per cubic metre acceptable under the World Health Organization’s Air Quality Guidelines. http://hedleyindex.sph.hku.hk/

This chart tracks the readings for particulates. Yesterday's air pollution (far right) was well off the charts. You can monitor the latest readings by clicking the chart or visiting: http://hedleyindex.sph.hku.hk/concentration.php#s

Track HK's air pollution with the Hedley Index on-line

These charts show the different types of air pollution yesterday. Particulate matter (left) aggravated Hong Kong's notorious air pollution problems. There was a dip early afternoon when the wind picked up briefly. Check out today's readings by clicking the chart or visiting:

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