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Proposal: Public to wait till mid-August for West Kowloon plans

The plan to beat: Norman Foster’s winning plan in 2004. Our prediction for 2010: Foster will be safe, Koolhaas will break the rules and Rocco’s design will be adaptive.
Today Government will propose to unveil the competing plans for West Kowloon in the middle of August, three months after they were received. Question remains why the public is left to wait. The Board is scheduled to see the three concept plans on July 5 in a closed-door meeting.

Proposed publicity for the West Kowloon plans

The physical models, computers with interactive 3D displays and screens with videos will be exhibited in public venues throughout Hong Kong including trucks parked in busy areas. Detailed information from the architects will be made available on-line.

A kick-off ceremony is scheduled to take place in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for invited media, arts and cultural groups. Rem Koolhaas, Norman Foster and Rocco Yim will form a panel to answer questions during the event. It will be quite a show – with three competing teams of leading architects ready to dazzle Hong Kong.

The public will be able to submit their views at the roving exhibition, during forums and on-line between mid-August and mid-November 2010.

The details of the facilities (the Schedules of Accommodation) to be built in West Kowloon are delayed though. This may not be a bad thing. Concerns over the ‘all at once, all in one location’ development schedule have not gone away. Many are calling for phased decisions on the venues and gradual construction as a substitute for a market led development to minimize the risk of getting it wrong.

The target remains to take the Development Plan to the Town Planning Board by end 2011. The opening of the first venues is expected in 2016, 18 years after the Study of Cultural Facilities by Roger Tym & Partners.

Arrangements for the kick off, exhibition and public engagement

28 June 2010: Papers for the 5th Meeting of the Consultation Panel of WKCDA
Study of Cultural Facilities by Roger Tym & Partners (1998/1999)
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