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From Tai Long Sai Wan to a Nature Conservation Policy

CitySpeak XVI, Saturday 18 September, 10:00am-12:30pm in the Fringe Club.

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Tai Long Sai Wan, Hoi Ha, To Kwa Peng … the list of conservation areas destroyed by development is long. Rescued by facebook, the question is now how to ensure that Tai Long Sai Wan is the last ecological and landscape site to be destroyed in Hong Kong.

CitySpeak will focus on planning and development of the New Territories, the small house policy, our nature conservation policy (and lack thereof) and the calls for a nature conservation trust.

How far should we go to conserve Hong Kong’s natural assets? How far do you want Hong Kong to go – and are we willing to pay the price?

Join academics, concern groups and officials in a discussion and let your views be heard.

從西灣到自然保育政策 乙城話

西灣、海下、土瓜坪…… 納入保育名單的地方長期被發展所破壞。雖被Facebook拯救,但問題是,我們能否確保西灣是最後一幅被摧毀的高生態和高景觀價值的土地?
乙城話將會集中新界的規劃和發展、小型屋宇政策(丁屋)、自然保育政策(的缺乏)和建立自然保育基金的話題。我們應該怎樣去保護香港的天然資產?你希望香港未來的道路要怎麼走- 我們願意付出的代價又是什麼?
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