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How do you like walking in Tsimshatsui?


Spend TWO minutes to let us know. Go to our on-line survey.

Improving walking routes 改善步行路線
This survey is to determine which route you would prefer as a pedestrian in Tsimshatsui. We will use the information to make recommendations on the planning and design of walking routes. 本問卷指在調查,當作為一個步行者在尖沙咀行走的時候會怎樣決定步行路線,是次收集得到的資料將作為香港步行路線規劃和設計改善之參考。

Ask your friends 與你的朋友一同分享_
Ask your friends, staff and readers to participate by forwarding this email and link to the survey. Thank you for your participation. 把這個電郵和超連結轉發給你的朋友、同事、讀者,一同參與。謝謝你們的支持

More information or comments 更多資訊或意見
The survey is confidential and your identity will not be recorded. For more information and queries, email
[email protected] 
調查收集的數據及個人資料絕對保密,如欲知更多資訊,或有任何查詢,請電郵至 [email protected]

An almost random collection of associated links 相關連結

Music video on crossing Salisbury Road 橫過梳士巴利道的音樂短片

HK Magazine on crossing Salisbury Road 香港雜誌有關梳士巴利道的報導

The city is far harder to navigate than I had imagined though - it really is a maze of subways and pedestrian overpasses. Crossing big roads is a nightmare.. 要在城市中導航比我想像中更困難 - 這是一個由隧道和行人天橋組成的迷宮,橫過大馬路是一場噩夢..

The excitement of joining boats scurrying across the harbor was topped entering the maze of pedestrian walkways, bridges, tunnels, hotels, shops and offices through the Central business district. Soon we were playing a game, working our way uphill without “touching” the street. 通過由行人隧道、天橋、店鋪和辦公室組成的迷宮,到達中環商業區。久而久之,我們將習慣這個遊戲,與街道再無接觸。
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