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Object to plans to destroy heritage and the environment

Government Hill, where the current Central Government Offices are situated, has been the seat of government since the early days of Hong Kong. The government wants to sell a large portion of Government Hill to a developer who will demolish the West Wing and hollow out the hill to build a five-storey shopping mall cum car park with a 32-storey commercial tower on top. Click here for link to Government plans.

Support plans to save heritage and the environment:

The objections to this plan are simple: Why generate more waste by demolishing a perfectly usable building when our landfills are full? Why add another commercial building and shopping mall at an already highly congested location?

The Government Hill Concern Group has proposed an alternative to the Town Planning Board: Declare the entire area a heritage site, limit the building height of any new structures and keep it for public uses.

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政府山不但是目前特區政府總部所在,更是香港城市最早規劃的核心地帶。 政府建議出售一部分的政府山給發展商-將會清拆西翼大樓及把山控空以興建五層高的購物商場暨停車場,和32層的商業大樓。點擊這裡鏈接到政府的計劃




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