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Today’s e-news is of special interest to residents of NT villages. 今期電子報內容關於新界原居民的特殊利益。

Deadline for registration of unauthorized building works at village houses is 30 September 2012.

Feel free to forward this to your friends. 歡迎轉載。

When not sure, submit! 不肯定的話,全部都申報!
We recommend owners of village houses to register all unauthorized building works before 30th September. Submit a list with photographs of all items you are unsure of including location and general measurements. Click here for the
registration form and the information pamphlet. 我們呼籲村屋的業主於限期前申報全部僭建物。將所有不肯定是否僭建物的地點和尺寸列成清單,連同照片提交。請下載登記表格小冊子

Join NIVA, the Non-Indigenous Villagers Alliance. 加入NIVA非原居民大聯盟.
Indigenous inhabitants of the New Territories also known as ‘The people of the New Territories’ have their traditional rights and interests protected under article 40 of the Basic Law, and they have a direct channel to Government through the dedicated Statutory Advisory Committee, the Heung Yee Kuk. Indigenous can also elect village and rural committee members from among their own. NIVA has been convened to better represent the rights of all residents and property owners in Hong Kong’s 642 recognized villages. 新界的本土居民,亦即是「原居民」於基本法第40條下保障了他們的傳統權利和利益,以及擁有鄉議局這個專門的法定諮詢委員會直接向政府溝通。他們更可以自行選舉村代表和鄉事委員會成員。非原居民大聯盟(NIVA)的成立目的是為了加強爭取全港642條村的居民及業主之權利。Sign up here for the NIVA newsletter. 請立即登記以取得NIVA最新的通訊

NIVA will lobby for building works exemptions. NIVA爭取僭建物豁免項目.
The list of exemptions is limited and includes items such as retractable awnings which are unsuitable as they rot quickly in Hong Kong’s hot and humid climate. NIVA will lobby the government to expand the list of exemptions during the five-year grace period for registered building works which are deemed safe and do not extend beyond half the roof. 現時的豁免項目非常少卻又包括不合理的項目,例如是伸縮式雨篷於香港又熱又濕的天氣下很容易損壞,因此並非是理想的豁免項目。NIVA會游說政府於5年的寬限期內增加安全且不超過一半天台面積的註冊工程為豁免項目。Sign up here for the NIVA newsletter.  請立即登記以取得NIVA最新的通訊

NIVA will lobby for village roads and parking. NIVA爭取合理的道路和車位.
When approving new village houses, Government does not guarantee right of access. That may have been suitable in 1972 when villagers arranged access through neighbouring paddy fields themselves, today in built up village areas new houses result in roads and parking areas being built without approval on government land, the illegal charging of rent, criminal intimidation and violence. NIVA will lobby government for investments in village roads and parking areas, and making the approval of new houses subject to the availability of access and parking in line with the average car ownership in a village. 在批准興建新村屋的時候,政府沒有保證道路的可達性。這情況於1972年時可能沒有問題,因為當時村民可自行通過鄰近的田野。但在現時已發展的鄉村中,新村屋會引致未經准許於政府土地上興建道路及車位、非法收租、刑事恐嚇及暴力等問題。NIVA會游說政府撥款興建道路和車位,以及按該地區的交通及車位容量和居民擁有的私家車平均數量來批核新樓房的興建。Sign up here for the NIVA newsletter. 請立即登記以取得NIVA最新的通訊

Lands Department closed down parking spaces after discovery of the illegal charging of rent over Government Land. This further aggrevates the shortage of parking spaces in this village and has resulted in violence and criminal behaviour. NIVA will pursue changes in Government policies to improve the availability and management of land, roads and parking in villages, and to restore harmony in villages. Sign up here for the NIVA newsletter. 請立即登記以取得NIVA最新的通訊
Voter Registration for Village Representative Elections. 村代表選舉選民登記
Introduction Forms  介紹 表格
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