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Celebrating Victoria Harbour

Invitation: Sunday, November 4, 2pm start, Central Star Ferry Pier
邀請你: 11月4日,星期日,下午二時,中環天星小輪碼頭

On Sunday, campaigners, business leaders and government officials will celebrate Victoria Harbour with a Harbour Walk and Carnival. 18 years after the fight to stop reclamation started, harbour protectionist Winston Chu, Chief Secretary Carrie Lam and members of the Harbour Business Forum will stand together to promote the need to protect the harbour and to celebrate Hong Kong’s good fortune in having such a wonderful harbour. Kick-off time is 2pm at the Star Ferry pier in Central. After a walk via the brand new promenade along the Central waterfront the event will culminate in a celebration at the Golden Bauhinia in front of the Convention Centre.
http://www.harbourprotection.org/en/  星期日,商界領導和政府官員將會一同參加愛諼維港行和維港嘉年華。反對填海抗爭已有18年歷史,保護海港倡議者徐嘉慎、政務司司長林鄭月娥以及海港商界論壇的成員將會合作宣揚海港保護和一同慶祝香港擁有此美麗的海港。隊伍將於下午二時在中環天星小輪碼頭出發,沿中環海旁新建的長廊漫步,終點為會展金紫荊廣場。

Saving Tolo Harbour

Invitation: Sunday, November 4, 3pm start, Government Offices Tamar
邀請你: 11月4日,星期日,下午三時,添馬艦政府總部

Poster by Alice – facebook/AliceInParadoxLand

How different is the story for Tolo Harbour and its natural shorelines. On Sunday, green groups of all shades and species will dress in blue and mourn plans to destroy a valuable marine habitat and to reclaim Tolo Harbour at Lung Mei for an artificial beach. The project is unnecessary – visitors already overwhelm the muddy rugged coastline on weekends and holidays. Bathing beaches can be gazetted a short distance away at Wu Kai Sha and To Tau Wan. The battle to save Tolo Harbour needs everyone’s help. Dress in blue for the Save Lung Mei rally on Sunday.  吐露港擁有別樹一格的故事及其自然海岸。星期日,環保團體將會穿上藍色衣服並哀悼大量有珍貴價值的海洋生態將被龍尾人工泳灘的吐露港填海計劃所破壞。那計劃是不需要的─每逄假日該處的泥灘石岸早已逼滿遊人。而且不遠處的烏溪沙和渡頭灣均可被規劃為正式消閒沙灘(如果不計劃於沙灘岸邊建造海堤)。保護吐露港的抗爭需要大家的支持。請於星期日穿上藍色以拯救龍尾灣。

Follow the Save Lung Mei campaign 關注守護龍尾大聯盟
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