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Open Letter to the Secretary for Transport and Housing ([email protected])

Dear Mrs Eva Cheng,

Will you lead a Hong Kong Summer Streets initiative?

Your equivalent in New York organizes Summer Streets as a demonstration of a commitment to providing top-notch transportation infrastructure for a growing city while squarely facing the problem of climate change and improving the City's quality of life.

The New York City Department of Transportation (DoT) closes down 11km of Manhattan's streets for six hours on three consecutive Saturdays this summer.

The public can go out and play, run, walk, bike and breathe, and everyone is invited to volunteer and organize programs using the streets.

More, Summer Streets creates public awareness for the Strategic Plan for the New York City Department of Transportation 2008 and Beyond.

How about it?

Will you do something like this for
Hong Kong during your time as Secretary for Transport and Housing?

We know you are busy with cross - border solutions, but how about a focus on our immediate neighbourhoods?

Will you stick your neck out for returning the streets back to the people - even if it is only for a few hours during the summer?

Designing Hong Kong

Summer Streets

Strategic Plan for the New York City Department of Transportation 2008 and Beyond

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