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Hong Kong, 12 August, 2009

Director of Lands
20th floor, Government North Point Offices, Hong Kong
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Chair and Members of the Town Planning Board
15/F, North Point Government Offices, Hong Kong
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As a member of the public with an interest in the sustainable development of Hong Kong we object to:
作為於香港可持續發展當中利益受影響的公眾一員, 本人提出反對以下各項:

Public Works Programme item no. 834th Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities as notified under the Seabed and Foreshore (Reclamations) Ordinance (Chapter 127, Section 5)
工務計劃項目第834TH號港珠澳大橋香港口岸, 根據第5條所發的公告 前濱及海床(填海工程)條例(第127章)

  1. The dredging and filling of the sea-bed, and the construction of seawalls and land as set out on the plan numbered ISM1711a as this will negatively impact residents of Tung Chung and the ecology of the area;
    第ISM1711a號圖標明進行海床浚挖及填土工程所建造的海堤, 並闢拓之土地, 會對東涌的居民及附近生態環境造成負面影響;
  2. Amendments to the Approved Chep Lap Kok Outline Zoning Plan No. S/I-CLK/10 as shown in draft Chep Lap Kok Outline Zoning Plan No. S/I-CLK/11
    《赤鱲角分區計劃大綱草圖編號S/I-CLK/11》於《赤鱲角分區計劃大綱核准圖編號S/I-CLK/10 的修訂》
  3. The location of the Hong Kong Border Crossing Facilities North-East of the Airport island and the proposed location of the reclamation (proposed amendments A1-A8);
    位於香港國際機場東北面水域的填海位置, 擴展區的部分土地指定為「其他指定用途」註明「口岸」及位於填海位置的其他指定用途(即建議修訂之A1-A8項);
  4. The location of the Hong Kong Link Roads South of the Airport Island (proposed amendments B1-B3);
  5. The long secure (users have gone through or have yet to go through Hong Kong Customs, Immigration and Quarantine) road;
  6. The impact and damage to the natural hillside and coastline of Lantau Island;
  7. The destruction of the meticulously safeguarded last section of the natural coast of Chep Lap Kok, a coastal protection area;
  8. The proximity of the road and the border crossing facilities to existing and future residents of Tung Chung and environs;
  9. Failure to develop alternative solutions for detailed consideration including integrating the border crossing facilities South-West and the link road North with the Airport Island.

Herewith we so submit for your consideration.*



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