3rd Runway Concerns

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Currently Hong Kong has over 80% of the international flights out of the Pearl River Delta. With the 3rd Runway proponents hope to maintain a large share of this growing market. But with only 7% of the population and manufacturing moving ever further land inwards, how sensible is that? The economic gains benefit a few, while the rest of the community pays. It is not just the money: Air pollution, noise, loss of marine habitat, and traffic – lots of it.


The Environmental Impact Assessment suggests that there is nothing to worry about. That is until you start to peel away the assumptions. Little effort is made by the Airport to provide a world class environmental plan. Deadline for comments on the EIA is this Saturday, 19 July 2014.
Green Sense campaign against the third runway or check out this Facebook event.

環保觸覺反對機場三跑收集意見平台 或 Facebook活動

MarineWWF and others have identified that there is no sanctuary for the dolphins during construction. They also point out that the promised Marine Park after completion is too late, in the wrong place, and not more than an empty promise as fishing and marine traffic can continue through the so-called park. They call for a marine reserve (not just a park) to be established at Southwest Lantau instead.

Support the WWF campaign or  the 30 Third Runway Victims campaign
世界環境自然基金會意見收集平台 或 海豚三十Air quality: Friends of the Earth looked at the air quality assessments and found large discrepancies with the Environmental Impact Assessments completed for the same area for the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge a few years ago. Their point is that if we want to allow the additional air pollution, where will we cut back on emissions?
Support the Friends of the Earth campaign.


Noise: The forecast noise impacts are ultra conservative – and pretend there is no excessive aircraft noise in Ma Wan, Tsing Yi, Sam Tseng, … Noise monitoring records from the Civil Aviation Department shows that noise over 70dB is a regular occurrence in these places. And you can expect the situation to worsen for Ma Wan, Sam Tseng and Tuen Mun. And there are no fines for airlines who cause these excessive noise events. There should be.
Designing Hong Kong nosie report


==> Designing Hong Kong Comment on the EIA report 創建香港對機場第三條跑道環境評估的意見(只有英文版本) <==