27 May

VOTING RESULTS: The Future of Our Payphone Locations 投票結果:電話亭的未來

On 4 February, we invited you to give us ideas for making better use of our payphone locations.

Next, we published the 34 proposals and asked people to vote here.

Today we announce the voting results so far. The three most and the three least liked ideas, as well as the full results, are below.

We urge the Government to replace our payphones with multi-purpose communications panels, reverse vending machines where you can drop off plastic bottles, and hydra-chills where you can fill up chilled water.

Feel free to leave us your comments on our facebook/ the comment section below.









The full voting results to-date.


29 June

Support a footbridge at Waterfall Bay 支持於瀑布灣興建行人橋

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> Petition Link: http://supporthk.org/en/node/4412/ <

On 17 June 2017, a 38-year-old father slipped and fell down the at Waterfall Bay. At least three people had a fatal accident here since 2006. We asked government for a pedestrian footbridge in 2010 but progress has been slow.

We need a guarantee that government will provide a safe link for residents who walk between Wah Fu Estate and Cyberport and for those who would like to enjoy the spectacular views of the Waterfall.

Sign Now to urge the government to speed up a safe footbridge at Waterfall Bay!

AM730 column on the same: Link

News report of accident (Chinese): Link


> 聯署連結:http://supporthk.org/zh-hant/node/4416/ <






6 December

New dangerous medical waste found at HK’s beaches puts residents at risk 新危險醫料廢料襲港,對市民構成嚴重威脅



創建香港行政總裁司馬文先生,居民Moran Zukerman及無塑海洋行政總裁Tracey Read今天於政府總部外展示大批於大嶼山海灘拾獲的醫療廢物,並再次交給環境保護署化驗及作進一步的調查。此外,他們更向環境保護署遞交信件,表達對事件的極度關注及促請有關部門盡快展開調查及跟進工作。




Hazardous medical waste continues to pollute Hong Kong’s water and beaches. The waste threatens the health and safety of local residents.

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has yet to respond and publish the investigation outcomes after large amounts of medical waste were collected and delivered to government on 12 July 2016.

Today, Designing Hong Kong’s CEO Paul Zimmerman, Moran Zukerman, a local resident, and Plastic Free Seas’ CEO Tracey Read submitted again a large amount of medical waste retrieved from a Lantau beach to the EPD outside the Central Government Office. In a letter they urged EPD to take follow up action.

The newly found dangerous medical waste collected at one Lantau beach from July – November 2016, includes 303 syringes without needles, 96 syringes with needles, more than 200 drug vials, a collection tube suspected of containing human blood, plastic medicine bottles and packets. Some of the items have evidence of bite marks by fish.

What is now needed is an in-depth inter-departmental investigation into the source and nature of the waste and to establish a database and action plan which deals with the illegal disposal of hazardous medical waste.

The government is urged to act with expediency in response to the medical waste found.
More information
Press release on 12 July 2016: https://goo.gl/42p5DX

18 April
2 March

Online Survey: Electronic Road Pricing



Online Survey Findings 網上意見調查報告

調查日期 Survey period
2/3/2016 – 15/3/2016

We have received 375 responses to our survey. 期間共收到375份回覆。

dhk erp survey 1



dhk erp survey 2

Detailed report, please click the link below. 請按以下連結瀏覽全份意見調查報告。

DHK ERP survey report 16 March 2016









The government is consulting the public on its proposed pilot scheme for electronic road pricing in Central. (Click here for the public engagement document).

The deadline for comments is 18 March 2016.

Do you support the proposal? Object? Any views on the details? You can write to Government directly, or take part in our online survey (link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VZ5DQ9S). Our office will consolidate and report the responses to the government.

In the meantime, please find below our CEO Paul Zimmerman’s personal view as published in Southside magazine – in short Paul proposes there is no charging for the use of Connaught/Gloucester Road Corridor, but for the use of the inner areas only.

Let us know your views.






Southside Magazine – March 2016

2016-03-SS issuu

2 August

Restrict Tour Coaches in Bays Area 限制旅遊巴出入海灣區

Please go to the link below to sign the petition:

25 March

More seats on the minibus 增加小巴座位

Please Sign Online Today! 請參與網上聯署!
We Will Write To The Government And Legislative Council With The Signatures Received.

Go to: http://designinghongkong.com/forms/view.php?id=29063


More seats on the minibus

dhk minibus wp info

1 February

Petition to save Hong Kong Park

The government plans to spend 750 million dollars to relocate the Harcourt Road fresh water pumping station to Hong Kong Park. The construction will result in the removal of a wooded slope at Hong Kong Park and felling of 118 trees. It would impact 2,150 square meters of park space, and major sections of the 150 year old squared rubble defensive wall at Flagstaff House heritage site.

Please sign the below petition now.



7 November

The right harbour authority, otherwise we’ll be better off without
要就要對的海濱管理局 否則唔要罷就


The Government is consulting the public on the setting up of a Harbourfront Authority but both the digest and response form fail to address key concerns. These include a lack of oversight over the harbour as a whole; the lack of advisory powers over Government departments; a lack of legitimacy in land allocation; bias towards commercial operations; and a loss of the public voice on the Board.

Since 2004, Designing Hong Kong has called for an authority to create world class waterfronts. Now the shortcomings need to be resolved before the community and legislators support the proposal.