17 September

The Tsing Yi Coastal Trail 青衣環島徑

Full Route - TYCT

The Tsing Yi Coastal Trail

Since 2002, we have been advocating access along the waterfronts. After we introduced the “Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail” we received suggestions to create trails along other coastlines of Hong Kong. One such request was for a coastal route around Tsing Yi Island, connecting the Tsing Yi Promenade with the Tsing Yi Nature Trails and along Tsing Yi South.

Tsing Yi is the fifth largest island in Hong Kong with a population of around 200,000. The outer perimeter is around 16 km. It is an important transportation hub connecting New Territories West and the urban area of Hong Kong with cross-sea bridges.

Tsing Yi Island is characterized by three main areas: Residential, industrial, and nature. The proposed “Tsing Yi Coastal Trail” links all parts of Tsing Yi with a convenient coastal trail for residents and visitors.

We have studied routes, documented sights and destinations, and prepared proposals for improvements which can bring the route closer to the shore. To learn more about the trail, visit our website.


Starting at the Maritime Square – Tsing Yi MTR station, walk south along the Tsing Yi Promenade with a view of Rambler Channel, and pass the Tsing Yi Swimming Pool to arrive at the Tsing Yi Public Pier. The pier once offered ferry services to Tsuen Wan and Central. Following the completion of rail and road links, the ferry service was suspended – but the pier remains as a gathering place, and an informal drop off and pick up point for different maritime operators.

Walking south under the Cheung Tsing Bridge and Tsing Yi South Bridge, Tsing Yi turns industrial. The route joins Tsing Yi Road via the elevator next to the Tsing Yi Preliminary Treatment Works. From there, walk down the path near Tsing Hung Road Playground and Tsing Yi Hong Wan Road along container terminals. Pass under Stonecutters’ Bridge and along the oil terminals at Tsing Sheung Road including Sinopec’s giant circular oil depot. Looking north, the mountains known as Sam Chi Heung act as a natural barrier between the residential areas and the heavy port industries along Tsing Yi Road. Continue west and after turning into Nam Wan, you find an abandoned Swire Paint Factory. Pass Sai Tso Wan and walk along the Nam Wan Tunnel and Cheung Tsing Tunnel for a view of other industries.

Next you join the Tsing Yi Nature Trail. At the top of the trail, you will have a panoramic view of Tsing Ma Bridge. This is a great spot for sunset and night scenes. Turn into Fong Tin Mei Path near Cheung Wang Bus Terminal, from where you walk along Tam Kon Shan Road to Tsing Yi Northeast Park. Go through the park to return to the Tsing Yi Promenade. Passing the Tsing Tsuen Bridge, you arrive back at the starting point. You will have completed the 16km Tsing Yi Coastal Trail.

Creating a great adventure

The Tsing Yi Coastal Trail links together a marvelous variety of views, including cross-sea bridges, shipyards, container terminals, factories, parks and nature. We have put forward suggestions for improvements which will make Tsing Yi more enjoyable for both residents and visitors. These include fixing narrow footpaths, trails and out-of-date road signs. Included also is a suggestion for a new pedestrian walkway to link with the Lantau Link Visitors Centre. This would make it easier to enjoy a great stopover, and enhance visitation.

We need your support lobbying the government on the improvements of the Tsing Yi Coastal Trail. Tell us your comment here.

Click here to learn more about Tsing Yi Coastal Trail!

青衣油庫 Oil Depot


青衣自然徑 Tsing Yi Nature Trail

青馬大橋 Tsing Ma Bridge

青馬大橋 Tsing Ma Bridge

藍巴勒海峽 Rambler Channel

藍巴勒海峽 Rambler Channel















18 August

Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail – Progress Update (August 2021) 港島環島徑—最新消息 (2021年8月)

Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail – Progress Update (August 2021)

Designing Hong Kong is working hard to improve the Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail. Below is a progress update.

Improvement Works_Progress 202108

Major improvement works

  1. Sandy Bay to Telegraph Bay under study. (Invigorate Island South Office)
  2. Waterfall Bay Bridge link between Cyberport Port Road and Waterfall Bay Park is pending agreement on maintenance. (Leisure and Cultural Services Department)
  3. Cape D’Aguilar – Shek O Trail is approved in principle and awaiting funding under the District Minor Work programme. (Home Affairs Department)
  4. Museum of Coastal Defence access route has been denied (Leisure and Cultural Services Department). For now people will have to rely on trails along the Island Eastern Corridor.
  5. Boardwalk under Island East Corridor has been gazetted and is expected to be opened in 2024. (Civil Engineering Development Department)

Minor improvement works

  1. Shun Tak Centre illegal parking has been resolved. Further pedestrian improvement is pending the land owner. (Shun Tak Holdings)
  2. Western Water Selling Kiosk footpath widening has been confirmed and is pending works. (Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Water Supplies Department)
  3. Connecting Kennedy Town Praya to China Merchant Wharf is approved as a District Minor Works programme and pending funding. (Home Affairs Department)
  4. Waterfall Bay removal of fences to improve beach access is pending reply. (Leisure and Cultural Services Department)
  5. Wong Chuk Hang Road and Island Road widening of the footpath is supported by Ocean Park (they will surrender part of their nursery). Implementation is pending. (Transport Department)
  6. Deep Water Bay re-organising road, footpath, parking and beach amenities is pending outcome of the Study of Coastal Hazards under Climate Change and Extreme Weather and Formulation of Improvement Measures – Feasibility Study. (Civil Engineering Development Department)
  7. Trail South Bay to Chung Hom Wan improvements are approved in principle and awaiting funding under the District Minor Work programme. (Home Affairs Department)
  8. Stanley Gap Road pavement improvements to Stanley East Catchwater pending. (Transport Department)
  9. Cape D’Aguilar Road pavement pending.  (Transport Department)
  10. Shek O to Big Wave Bay pavement pending. (Transport Department)
  11. Marine Police Regional Headquarters relocation to open up shore at Lei King Wan pending. (Police)
  12. Quarry Bay Park pet access route pending consultation of local stakeholders. (Leisure and Cultural Services Department)
  13. Quarry Bay Promenade widening yet to be agreed. (Harbour Office / Development Bureau)
  14. Public Open Space at North Point improvements are underway. (Harbour Office; Sun Hung Kai)
  15. Central Military Dock public access when there is no vessel in town, and improvements to surrounding area pending. (People’s Liberation Army) (Leisure and Cultural Services Department)
  16. Signage proposed but yet to receive a response. (Tourism Commission)


  1. Hung Hing Road footpath in January 2021. You can now walk from the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter.


WhatsApp Image 2021-08-09 at 13.38.41

Site visit with Government Departments and District Councillors at the Western Water Selling Kiosk


Illegal parking at the Shun Tak Centre has been resolved


港島環島徑—最新消息 (2021年8月)



  1. 躍動港島南辦事處正就興建大口環至綱綫灣沿海行人路進行研究。
  2. 橫跨瀑布灣的行人天橋將連接起數碼港道及瀑布灣公園,省卻來往數碼港及華富的時間。在工程開展前,康樂及文化事務署與其他相關部門需要先釐清天橋的管理及維修責任等。
  3. 興建連接鶴咀道至石澳的行山徑已在南區區議會的地區小型工程申請中獲得原則上支持。現正等候民政署的撥款才能開展工程。
  4. 就改善筲箕灣及杏花邨之間的行人連接,康文署已經初步拒絕開放海防博物館供市民通過的建議。我們正與運輸署聯繫,希望在東區走廊旁研究設立一條安全的行人通道作為替補方案。
  5. 土木工程拓展署已就東區走廊下興建行人板道刊憲。工程預計於今年年尾展開,並在2025年落成。


  1. 信德中心地面的違例泊車問題已經解決。我們現正聯絡物業的擁有人信德集團,討論改善地面行人設施的可能性。
  2. 康樂及文化事務署及水務署將分別進行小型工程搬遷西區食水賣水站旁小徑的花槽和鐡欄以擴闊行人路。
  3. 中西區區議會已通過撥款在加多近街臨時花園對出興建臨時海濱,並連接到即將重建的招商局碼頭海濱。
  4. 拆除瀑布灣公園內的鐡閘,我們已去信康樂及文化事務署,並正等候部門的回應。
  5. 黃竹坑道和香島道部份地方的行人路因鄰近的短期租約用地而變得狹窄。我們已向地政署查詢有關短期租約的情況,當中黃竹坑道的部份,海洋公園已答應縮減苗圃的面積供擴闊行人路。
  6. 就改善深水灣行人路,需要有全盤的計劃去重新規劃深水灣的道路、泊車位及康樂設施。我們正等待政府在2019年開展的「氣候變化和極端天氣下的沿岸災害研究及改善措施的制訂」的研究結果才進行進一步的研究。
  7. 連接南灣至舂磡角的山徑已在南區區議會的地區小型工程申請中獲得原則上支持。現正等候民政署的撥款才能開展工程。
  8. 赤柱峽道的行人路非常狹窄,但每天仍有行山人士沿這條路來往赤柱及行山徑的入口。我們已經聯絡運輸署希望盡快進行工程擴闊路段以確保路人的安全。
  9. 現時鶴咀道並未設有行人路,導致行山客需走到馬路上。我們已聯絡運輸署希望盡快研究為路段舖設行人路。
  10. 每日都有大量居民及遊客來往石澳至大浪灣之間,但兩地之間的馬路並沒有設有行人路。我們亦聯絡了運輸署為此路段興建行人路進行研究。
  11. 位於西灣河海濱的水警總區總部現時以臨時撥地方式批地予警方使用現時總部隔開了西灣河海濱及愛秩序灣海濱,令東區的海濱未能連接。
  12. 現時鰂魚涌公園並未容許寵物進入。康文署表示將會繼續收集更多社區的意見,再檢視是否將公園列入現行的「寵物共享公園」試驗計劃。
  13. 擴闊鰂魚涌海濱長廊仍需要發展局轄下的海港辦事處的批准和與相闦的土地擁有人商討。
  14. 有關改善北角海濱公園,海港辦事處與發展商新鴻基已進行溝通並進行工程。
  15. 中環軍用碼頭原訂會在無軍艦停泊時開放予公眾。這需要駐港解放軍與管理海濱用地的部門例如康樂及文化事務署等商討。
  16. 就設立統一的環島徑指示牌,我們已經主動聯絡旅遊事務署並正等待他們的回覆。


  1. 鴻興路行人路於2021年1月已經開通。加上鄰近的灣仔臨時海濱亦開通,現時市民已經可以沿港島北的海濱由堅尼地城一直走到銅鑼灣避風塘。
17 August

[新聞稿 Press Release] 2025年須全面禁膠餐具 切勿「走塑」變「走數」 10環團籲公眾提交意見書 Ban Single-use Plastic Tableware by 2025

[Text only available in Chinese]

2025年須全面禁膠餐具 切勿「走塑」變「走數」 10環團籲公眾提交意見書

20210816-RDPT-PC-03 -credit

(2021年8月16日 新聞稿) 10個環團今日聯合發佈《堂食及外賣即棄餐具派發量調查》(下稱調查)及《「外賣走塑」研究》(下稱民調)的研究結果,前者推算出快餐店年派過5億件即棄膠餐具,當中有過半仍未納入政府早前推出的「管制即棄餐具計劃」[1]的第一階段,受規管的日子遙遙無期,恐「走塑」變「走數」;另外,民調結果則指出,市民大多同意政府規定食肆不能向顧客免費提供即棄塑膠餐具,評分高達5.21分(7分為非常同意)。











4大連鎖快餐店調查 數據 (百分比或數目)
推算一年即棄膠餐具派發量 至少5億件
即棄膠餐具數量 – 堂食 26.9%
即棄膠餐具 – 外賣(第一階段) 21.1%
即棄膠餐具 – 外賣(第二階段) 51.9%



問題 百分比 或 分數
在購買外賣時,您會否主動省去塑膠餐具? 56.8% 經常會
當你選擇外賣走塑膠餐具後,領取食物時,塑膠餐具是否已被省去? 47% 不會經常省去
政府應規定食肆不能向顧客免費提供即棄塑膠餐具 5.21分(7分為滿分)
我傾向光顧走塑或提供可重用餐具的餐廳 5.5分(7分為滿分)





綠色和平項目主任 譚穎琳 綠色和平媒體與推廣主任 陳妍妍
電話: 2854 8337 / 9745 9080 電話: 2854 8376 / 6922 9929
電郵: [email protected] 電郵: [email protected]


19 January

District level job losses up to 13% 經濟衰退—地區損失逾13%職位

District level job losses up to 13%

The impact of COVID on our economy is accelerating. While Government reported an overall unemployment rate of 6.6%, a study of district data by ‘Designing Hong Kong’ shows local impacts vary.  Job losses in the Southern District is 13% for the year ending September 2020. Some industries at district level show job losses of over 50%.

Percentage change of job number by district

Red colour represents a shrinking job market while green colour represents a growing job market. The data reflects the change in job number in each district between September 2019 and September 2020.

Compared with the latest available data, we have lost more than 125 000 jobs compared with the data of the third quarter one year ago. This accounts for 4.4% of the job market. Import/export trade and wholesale, and accommodation and food services suffered the most. More than 10% of the jobs or nearly 100 000 jobs were lost in these industries in one year.

Traditional commercial centres such as the Central and Western District, Wan Chai District and Yau Tsim Mong District suffered greatly from the economic recession. In these districts, the import/export and wholesale; accommodation and food services; and retail suffered and lead to 10.5%, 8.6% and 6.9% loses in jobs in these districts respectively.

The economies of the Southern District and North District suffered most. Their job markets lost 13.2% and 12.1% of the jobs. This means that one out of every eight jobs were lost during the pandemic. This is worrisome as nearly half (Southern District: 48.3%; North District 53.8%) of the jobs in some districts are taken up by local residents.

Meanwhile, three districts recorded an increase in jobs. Wong Tai Sin and Tsuen Wan showed an 11.5% and 6.9% increase in jobs. It appears to be primarily industries which benefit from changes in consumer behaviour in times of Covid, including food and courier services representing online shopping and centralised food preparation.

Analyses of the performance of the different industries in each district give out hints of possible longer term shifts in the economy. In Kwun Tong, import/export and wholesale are the largest job sectors and these lost 8 555 jobs last year. On the other hand, administrative and supporting services industries have gained more than 7 000 jobs, further strengthening their position as the second largest industry in Kwun Tong. Similarly, in Yuen Long, real estate and education industries lost some 2 600 jobs. These were compensated by a rise in jobs in the accommodation and food services, and manufacturing industries.

To identify the challenges facing the Hong Kong economy in times of Covid we need to look at the performance of industries at district levels. It is not simply about the banking industry, or the Greater Bay Area. We need to uncover opportunities for Hong Kong at district level. We need to embrace this ‘re-set’ to discover new opportunities and restructure our economy. We need to develop a more resilient and more vibrant economy in every district.


Click here for detailed breakdown of the performance of the job market in each district this last year.


Learn more about District Economy:

Fixing the economy, one district at at time

Understanding the economies of Hong Kong’s districts



Census and Statistics Department (2020). Number of establishments and persons engaged (other than those in the Civil Service) analysed by industry section, District Council district and sex.



Percentage change of job number by district


根據政府提供最新的數據,與一年前的第三季度比較,我們損失了超過125 000個職位,佔了就業市場的4.4%。當中進出口貿易及批發和住宿及膳食服務兩個行業受最大打撃。一年間兩個行業各自損失了超過10%的職位,合共令就業市場減少了接近十萬個職位。




細看各個地區的職位變化亦可以找出部份地區未來的發展方向。以觀塘為例,進出口貿易及批發是該區的最大行業,但在過去一年卻失去了8 555個職位。但另一方面,行政及支援服務比去年提供多超過7 000個職位,進一步鞏固它們在觀塘第二大產業的地位。同樣地,元朗的地產及教育合共在去年失去了大約2 600個職位,但住宿及膳食服務及製造業的擴張卻彌補了這些損失。










8 July

Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail – Survey Result

Please give your input and tell us your comments here!

Earlier this year, we proposed the idea of the Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail. Then, we suggested 18 proposals for improvement along the trail and asked public to comment. Today, we announce the survey results so far.

Respondents in a recent survey identified two more projects to improve the “Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail.” A wider pavement is needed at Deep Water Bay where people are forced onto the road, and respondents asked for the promised public access through the Central Military Dock when there is no vessel in town.
加上新增的建議,總共有20個改善建議去完善整條65公里長的「港島環島徑」。在之前的調查中,有超過1200 人表達了意見。每項建議都獲得最少接近80%的支持。

Besides the additional projects, valuable comments were given. While everyone agrees on connecting the different promenades, pavements and trails into a route close to the shore, some raised concerns over safeguarding the natural environment (minimizing concrete) and making sure that the route is safe for all.

Now the hard work starts. We have to convince the different Government departments to undertake the work required.

Fore more detail 更詳細的結果:




20 May

The Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail 港島環島徑

Please tell us your comments here! 快啲入黎做我們的網上問卷調查啦!


We have surveyed a 65-kilometre hiking route as close as possible to the shores of Hong Kong Island. The plan for creating a “Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail” has been cooking for a while. Since 2002 we have advocated access along the waterfront of Victoria Harbour and works are proceeding. In 2010 we started to focus on linking Kennedy Town to Stanley, a route which was recently sign posted as the “Southern District Coastal Trail”. Last year we explored the links from Stanley to Chai Wan and onwards to Shau Kei Wan. During the survey we documented the sights and destinations, and identified improvements which can be made to bring the route closer to the shore.


Leave from the Hong Kong Observation Wheel in Central and walk along the busy ferry piers via Shun Tak Centre along the shore to the Instagram Pier, the western cargo working area in Kennedy Town. Walk up along Victoria Road and down onto Sandy Bay rocky beach. Explore the dead end waterfront promenade along the HKU sports pitches before backtracking to the road to arrive at Cyberport Waterfront Park. From there walk up Cyberport Road and over Waterfall Bay down along the 1,000 statues at Wah Fu’s waterfront. After industrial Tin Wan wonder through the Aberdeen fish market and follow the promenade along Aberdeen’s colourful harbour. Use the pedestrian footbridge over the Heung Yip Road nullah to connect to Wong Chuk Hang Station and Ocean Park. From there find Mills & Chung Path to the beaches of Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay. Opposite South Bay Road number 18 walk up the trail over to Stanley.  After Stanley find the Stanley East Catch Water by going up the stairs at the Stanley Mound Fresh Water Pumping Station to walk to Tai Tam. Go down along the bottom of the Tai Tam dam and up Hong Kong Trail Section 7 to the long set of stairs from To Tei Wan up to Shek O Road and the start of the Dragon’s Back trail. Here are three choices: Go up Dragon’s Back, take a bus to Shek O, or walk to Cape D’Aguilar Road and boulder down the rock stream onto Shek O beach. From Big Wave Bay there is a well-trodden route over Cape Collinson to Siu Sai Wan promenade. After the industrial waterfront of Chai Wan you reach Heng Fa Chuen’s tree lined waterfront. For now, walk up Shing Tai Road and find the informal trail along the south of the highway to get to Shau Kei Wan. From there the Quarry Bay Park and promenade take you to North Point. Make your way onwards to the Causeway Bay typhoon shelter and the Wanchai waterfront where waterfront works are in progress. From the Convention Centre you can get back to the ferris wheel to complete the 65km Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail.


To learn more about our survey, click here. Please let us know if you have any comments as well!




從中環犘天輪出發,經過中環碼頭和信德中心就到達西區公眾貨物裝卸區,亦即是聞名的「Instagram Pier」。向西面走,經過堅尼地城到達域多利道,再緩緩走下大口環的小石灘。跟著香港大學運動中心旁的海堤一直走,便要回到碼路並到達數碼港海濱長廊。經過數碼港道就會找到了瀑布灣,然過穿過華富海傍的千尊神像,再路過田灣的工廠,眼前就是香港仔漁市場和避風塘。沿著香葉路一直走到黃竹坑和海洋公園,從這裡可以找到苗鍾徑並一路沿岸邊走到深水灣咎淺水灣,穿過南灣道 18 號對面行山徑就可以到達赤柱。經過赤柱後,在赤柱崗抽水站的梯級拾級而上就到達赤柱東引水道,繼續走便會到達大潭。往下走到大潭堤壩的壩底,再接駁到港島徑第七段,就會到達土地灣。在土地灣可以選擇走上龍脊,乘巴士到石澳,或者走到鶴咀再沿石澗前往石澳泳灘。走到大浪灣,沿歌連臣角到小西灣海濱,經過柴灣工業區、杏花邨的樹蔭海濱,再經盛達路公路右旁的非官方路徑就能到達筲箕灣。筲箕灣海濱一直連接到鰂魚涌,並延伸到北角。繼續走到銅鑼灣避風塘,穿過灣仔和會展海濱,再走不久,就回到我們的起點 — 中環摩天輪。

更詳盡的紀錄,可以到這裡查看。如果你有任何意見亦歡迎話比我們知 !

31 October

Co-use of the Central Harbourfront 共同使用中環海濱

Designing Hong Kong, on behalf of the Central Harbourfront Concern group, has submitted a fresh proposal to rezone the majority of the Central Military Dock to Open Space.

Once approved, only the built structures and landing steps will remain permanently under military control. The 150 meter long promenade will be open to the public under the Pleasure Ground Regulations Ordinance managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Our rezoning application under section 12 (a) of the Town Planning Ordinance ensures the Government can manage the majority of the site as a public open space together with the rest of the central waterfront. The gate houses, control room and landing steps will remain under the management and maintenance by the PLA. When a vessel is berthed in Central for flag-day or other purposes, the area can be closed under the Public Order Ordinance.

There is no military need for the Central Military Dock to be permanently handed over to the PLA. The military has a large and secure military dock at Stonecutters which is fully equipped for vessel maintenance and service. The Central Military Dock is primarily for ceremonial purposes. In the extreme situation of a war or other military need, the entire waterfront of Hong Kong Island can be sequestered by the PLA at short notice.

Click here for the full text of our rezoning application

Click here for the media briefing held on 22nd August, 2019

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Site Plan of the Central Military Dock 中區軍用碼頭位置圖

4 September

Making TST more walkable? Here is how! 如何提高尖沙咀的可行度?

Kowloon Park

Government has proposed to build a shopping mall and car parks underneath Kowloon Park to pay for tunnels which divert pedestrians away from overcrowded pavements along Haiphong Road.

We propose a simpler solution: Re-open pedestrian crossings at Peking Road, Middle Road, and Salisbury Road so that is easier for people to get from Canton Road to the MTR Station.

We have studied the three junctions in detail. The drawings below show how pedestrians can cross Kowloon Park Drive with little impact on traffic flow.

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我們建議簡單的替代方法: 只要重新開放北京道和中間道的行人過路處,以及開放梳士巴利道的交通許可,行人便更容易從廣東道走到於彌敦道的港鐵站。

我們已經詳細研究了三個方案,分別在北京道、中間道和梳士巴利道行人如何在對交通流量影響不大的情況下, 穿過九龍公園徑,走到於彌敦道的港鐵站。





Peking Road

Proposed zebra crossing at the junction of Kowloon Park Drive and Peking Road 建議在北京道增設的斑馬線

Middle Road

Proposed zebra crossing at the junction of Kowloon Park Drive and Middle Road 建議在中間道增設的斑馬線

Salisbury Road

Proposed zebra crossing and new tunnel connections at the junction of Kowloon Park Drive and Salisbury Road 建議在梳士巴利道增設的斑馬線及新的隧道出入口