19 January

District level job losses up to 13% 經濟衰退—地區損失逾13%職位

District level job losses up to 13%

The impact of COVID on our economy is accelerating. While Government reported an overall unemployment rate of 6.6%, a study of district data by ‘Designing Hong Kong’ shows local impacts vary.  Job losses in the Southern District is 13% for the year ending September 2020. Some industries at district level show job losses of over 50%.

Percentage change of job number by district

Red colour represents a shrinking job market while green colour represents a growing job market. The data reflects the change in job number in each district between September 2019 and September 2020.


30 December

Fixing the economy, one district at a time 改善經濟,由地區做起

Fixing the economy, one district at a time

With the pressure on employment, Hong Kong will need to rethink job opportunities. With three simple visuals we offer three reasons why District Councils must get involved:
1.    The number of job opportunities in their district.

job opp
2.    The proportion of jobs taken up by local residents.

work population
3.    The proportion of local residents who work in their own district.

same district
Employment is top heavy around Victoria Harbour. Residents working in their own district is especially evident in Central & Western and Tsim Sha Tsui. Districts with few job opportunities see most of those jobs taken up by local residents – up to 81% in Tuen Mun.

These statistics do not answer all the questions. They do indicate the importance of district councillors to get involved. Understanding which industries can help improve employment requires a healthy amount of local knowledge (see details).Growing local economies is not simply about arts and craft, community markets or tourism. The absence of floor space designated for commercial uses hampers job opportunities in the NT. In the Southern District it is about reorganising Aberdeen Harbour and allowing the marine industry to grow. The underutilised Tolo Harbour is an obvious opportunity in the Taipo District. These investments will directly benefit local residents.

Each district has their own challenges and offer their own opportunities. It is upon the District Councillors and the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau to “deep dive” district by district to develop a strategy and action plan to address the growing unemployment.

1. 各區職位數目
2. 本區就業百分比
3. 居民佔本區職位百分比




30 October

Understanding the economies of Hong Kong’s districts 發展香港地區經濟

With jobless numbers rapidly rising, there is an urgent need for Hong Kong’s district councillors to focus on the economies of their constituencies.

We produced a booklet offering basic information on jobs, industries and their locations.  Download here


地區經濟:18區機構數目及就業人數 Jobs and Establishments in 19 Districts  (2019年數據 Data in 2019 )
Published Date 出版日期: 30/10/2020
Pages 頁數: 60

URL: http://www.designinghongkong.com/v4/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Summary-of-District-Economy-DHK.pdfWorking with District Councillors throughout Hong Kong

This video briefly explains the booklet and how the information can be used to identify new growth opportunities, taking Southern District as an example.

Presentation slides 短片簡報片