9 June

Sign: Abolish the Small House Policy
聯署: 廢除丁屋政策!

We, the undersigned, hereby petition the HKSAR Chief Executive, C.Y Leung to:

1) Abolish the divisive, discriminatory, outdated and unsustainable Small House Policy without any further delay
or, at the very least:

2) Amend the SHP without undue delay so that the SHP no longer applies within Country Park boundaries

1) 即時廢除這個分裂香港、歧視港人、過時及不可持續發展的丁屋政策。

2) 或者最起碼要即時修訂丁屋政策,丁屋不得在郊野公園範圍內興建。



10 February
16 December

Support Creating Space for Waste 支持建立廢物回收空間

Support smart waste management today
You are invited to submit your comments on a new proposal to build integrated waste handling facilities at our landfills, and to rezone the incinerator site as a marine park.

No time, No space
Within hours after cleaning up dinner or breakfast our waste is dumped in landfills. Helpers, security guards, elderly, cleaners and haulers have little time to strip paper, aluminum cans and other items of value. If we want to improve our recycling rate, we will need more time and more space to sort. But as flats are too small and urban areas densely built up, there is no space left to fully separate waste.

Sharing the waste burden
www.wastehk.org proposes to divide Hong Kong into four catchment areas each with an integrated waste facility for collection, separation, sorting, and stock piling of recyclables. To find the land, www.wastehk.org proposes that two existing landfills, an industrial waterfront site east of Tseung Kwan O and a new site at north-east Lantau are zoned for integrated facilities with sea access. All sites are suitable for high capacity mechanical waste sorting before it is dumped in the landfill.

Eliminate the need for a super incinerator
People can pre-sort their wet and dirty (food, diapers) from clean and dry (packaging materials) waste to make it easy to retrieve recyclables. Together with the large sorting facilities we can improve our recycling rate and eliminate the need for a super incinerator.

Your support today
Support this proposal for smart integrated waste management on or before 20 December 2013. See www.wastehk.org for more information.


29 November

This Sunday: Walk to appreciate Tai Long Sai Wan

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「大浪西灣 城鄉共享」

“We share, We love, We support” –Tai Long Sai Wan

西貢大浪灣關注組及「保衛郊野公園」向大家推介在這個星期日舉行的「大浪西灣 城鄉共享」郊遊活動。屆時,一同前往「香港後花園」--大浪西灣,欣賞當地美麗景色,並支持將大浪西灣「不包括土地」納入郊野公園。

Friends of Tai Long Sai Wan (FDOTLS) and Save Our Country Parks (SOCP) recommend the “We share, We love, We support” appreciation walk to Tai Long Sai Wan this Sunday. The walk and visit of the beach is recommended in support of the Hong Kong Government and its plan to incorporate Tai Long Sai Wan enclave into Sai Kung East Country Park.


27 November

Collusion in country parks between developers and Government

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How do you explain this?  你如何理解這些圖?

Records of land sales in Hoi Ha and Pak Lap, two enclaves in the Sai Kung Country Parks, show how agriculture land has been sold to developers in recent years. Guess what, the new draft outline zoning plans show exactly these areas now zoned for house development – development which will damage the integrity of the country parks.



25 November

Save Our Country Parks from Development

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Join the ‘Save Our Country Parks’ campaign here.

Should we have zoning for Small House Development (left) or include enclaves into Country Parks (right)?

PL after     PL current     

stream not CP     Stream CP

road village      road cp 

Over 20 green groups have joined to form the “Save Our Country Parks” alliance with one simple demand: Incorporate the enclaves into the Country Parks so they can enjoy active management, park amenities and regular patrols, and development is subject scrutiny by the Country and Marine Parks Board.


23 November

Keep small house thuggery out of country parks

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Keep small house thuggery out of country parks

For years Designing Hong Kong has warned the Lands Department and Town Planning Board of the breakdown in law and order as a result of the Small House Policy. And this is set to get worse.

To deal with the infinite small house demand, Government has decided on a ‘containment strategy’. Instead of ending the Small House Policy, it restricts construction of small houses to village land. The result is for residents – not village developers who filled their pockets – to resolve: Violence, criminal intimidation, and even death.

With 2/3 of the V-zones are already used up, houses are now squeezed between existing ones, often on land used for access and parking. The location of small houses is chaotic as they are granted individually at different times on former paddy fields. The Lands Department does not guarantee right-of-way to small houses. Village developers are told to make their own arrangements for footpaths, vehicular access and parking.  And so they do where they can with the unauthorized occupation of Government (and private) land.

Below are some recent examples of village thuggery as a result of the small house policy.

To object to the cancer of village houses spreading through our country parks, go to http://www.designinghongkong.com/forms/view.php?id=13155


16 October

保衛郊野公園公眾論壇 Save Our Country Parks Forum

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10月19日 星期六

歡迎參與10月19日早上10時30分至下午1時30分假西貢大會堂進行的保衛郊野公園公眾論壇發表您的意見。在此facebook 參閱詳情。


黎廣德先生        (公共專業聯盟)
鄭睦奇博士        (綠色力量)
朱凱迪先生        (土地正義聯盟)
黃 鳴先生        (西貢之友)
林超英先生        (前天文台台長)
李耀斌先生        (新界鄉議局)
張瑪珊博士        (生態教育及資源管理中心)
司馬文先生        (創建香港)
吳永輝先生        (土地監察)
陳淑莊小姐        (公民黨)
嚴劍浩先生        (大浪西灣關注組)


「保衛郊野公園」行動,是Ark Eden、香港地貌岩石保育協會、創建香港、海下之友、西貢之友、大浪灣之友、香港地球之友、綠領行動、綠色社區、綠色和平、綠色力量、環保觸覺、香港觀鳥會、香港海豚保育學會、香港野遊、香港自然生態論壇、大嶼山愛護水牛協會、 島嶼活力行動、勃勃海洋、西貢大浪灣關注組、香港自然探索學會、長春社、世界自然基金會香港分會等機構組成。




Save Our Country Parks Forum
Saturday, October 19

If boundaries of Country Parks are no longer sacrosanct, will this be the start of the end of Country Parks? Do we let the chaos of small house developments spread throughout country parks? Does the community need a new agreement on what land to protect, and how?

You are invited to join the ‘Save Our Country Parks’ forum in Sai Kung Town Hall, 19 October, 10:30am-1:30pm. Click here for event details.

Confirmed participants:

Mr. Albert Lai Kwong-tak          (The Professional Commons)
Dr. Cheng Luk-ki                       (Green Power)
Mr. Chu Hoi Dick                       (Land Justice League)
Mr. James Wong                       (Friends of Sai Kung)
Mr. Lam Chiu-ying                     (Former Director of the Hong Kong Observatory)
Mr. Li Yiu-ban                             (Heung Yee Kuk)
Dr. Michelle Cheung                 (Eco-Education and Resource Centre)
Mr. Paul Zimmerman                (Designing Hong Kong)
Mr. Stanley Ng Wing-fai            (Lands Watch)
Ms. Tanya Chan Suk-chong    (Civic Party)
Mr. Wayne Yim Kim-ho             (Friends of Tai Long Sai Wan)

Save Our Country Parks
16 October  2013

“Save Our Country Park” action by Ark Eden, Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong, Designing Hong Kong, Friends of Hoi Ha, Friends of Sai Kung, Friends of Tai Long Wan, Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong), Greeners Action, Green Communities, Greenpeace, Green Power, Green Sense, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, Hong Kong Outdoors, HKWildlife.net, Lantau Buffalo Association, Living Islands Movement,Living Seas Hong Kong, Sai Kung Tai Long Wan Concern Group, Society of Hong Kong Nature Explorers, The Conservancy Association,WWF Hong Kong etc.


14 October

新聞稿 – 步走救海下: 保衛郊野公園,不要村屋佔領
Press release:Walk to Save Hoi Ha – Appeal to Save Our Country Parks from Small Houses

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新聞稿 - 步走救海下: 保衛郊野公園,不要村屋佔領




海下村位於西貢郊野公園東北部的不包括土地 ,三面環山的具特殊科學價值地點,北邊是海下海岸公園,眺望深圳。曾到海下的人都對這處的自然風光讚口不絕,海下村距離市區約90分鐘車程,但由於海洋及山林內都擁有極珍貴的生態,每年都吸引約十萬名遊客。海下更是多種動植物棲息地。 更有人認為這人間仙境。 很多人會到海下行山、暢泳、划艇、潛水、觀賞海星或珊瑚,呼吸新鮮空氣,偷半日浮生,暫時離開城市的繁囂。 











10 October

步走救海下 Walk to Save Hoi Ha

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早上10:00    大灘巴士站集合

聯絡人:  英文- David Newbery 9088 7003;中文- 侯先生 94668167

2) 海下導賞團
中午12:00   海下燒烤場公廁旁集合

英文- Nicola Newbery 2791 6449 / 9720 4142;中文- 侯先生2987 6253 / 9466 8167




  1. 從西貢市中心乘搭往海下的7號小巴(每20分鐘一班,大約需要25分鐘車程到海下,每人車費                 HK $ 10.7)
  2. 西貢市中心乘搭新界的士到海下(需時約20分鐘,費用為HK $ 95)

如有任何查詢,請致電海下之友侯先生 (電話: 2987 6253)。



由海下之友發起的網上聯署信: http://www.supporthk.org/i.php/View/374?_lang=zh_HK



Hong Kong, 10 October 2013

Walk to Save Hoi Ha

On 14 October 2013,   ”Save Our Country Parks” is organizing a walk around Hoi Ha to show our concern over development and determination to protect country parks. The walk will start at Tai Tan to see large scale small house construction in progress, and end at Hoi Ha and the marine park.

Our Country Parks are under threat by small house development in enclaves. Following the 2010 Tai Long Sai Wan incident, Government promised to protect enclaves surrounded by Country Parks against development. Yet the plans gazetted for enclaves including Hoi Ha by the Town Planning Board reserve land for large-scale small house developments.

Tai Tan

Set against a backdrop of mountains and with a spectacular view of the sea and Sharp Peak in Sai Kung Country Park, Tai Tan is one of the most beautiful villages in Hong Kong. It lies on a walking trail which is popular with weekend trekkers. It is home to abundant wildlife such as porcupines, monkeys, wild boars, kingfisher birds, and is a regular haunt for one of Hong Kong’s few fish owls. The approach to the village is a one-track lane lined with trees and a winding stream.

Now this peaceful idyll is being destroyed. Recently bulldozers and diggers have moved in to build some 20 houses, granted permission under the Small House Policy. A field opposite the stream has been cleared and dug
up and surrounding trees and bushes have been hacked down.

Hoi Ha

Hoi Ha village is an enclave which overlooks the Hoi Ha Marine Park, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and one of Hong Kong’s four Marine Parks. With distant views of mainland China on the northern horizon, Hoi Ha is surrounded by Sai Kung Country Park’s wooded hills on the landward side.   Hoi Ha is a site of outstanding ecology with species of Conservation Interest both in the sea and within its woodland. The area attracts 100,000 visitors a year who make the 90-minute journey to escape the city’s densely populated urban jungle to bathe in the clean sea water, kayak in the sheltered bay, take delight in the many starfish exposed at low tide, and SCUBA dive and snorkel over the coral.

The Town Planning Board’s recently released Draft Outline Zoning Plan panders to developers, paying only lip-service to protection of the Country and Marine Parks.  The zoning will allow up to a hundred houses to be built. Mature woodland will have to be felled and farmland will be lost together with a rich diversity of flora and fauna which established since the land was abandoned more than 40 years ago.


1)     Tai Tan Tour
10:00 am      Meet at Tai Tan Village bus stop
Tai Tan Village tour and 3-mile hike to Hoi Ha

Contact persons:  English- David Newbery 9088 7003; Chinese- Tom Hou 9466 8167


2)     Hoi Ha Tour

12:00 am        Meet at Hoi Ha barbecue site, near the public toilets
Hoi Ha Tour and briefing

Contact persons:
English- Nicola Newbery 2791 6449 / 9720 4142; Chinese – Tom Hou 2987 6253 / 9466 8167

[Please note that there is limited mobile phone reception at Hoi Ha]


Transportation tips:

1) For those who drive, please make sure you have a Country Park Vehicle Entry permit for the vehicle.  Media who need assistance can contact Nicola (below).

2) For those who use public transport to Tai Tan Village:

The 94 bus from Sai Kung Town Centre to Wong Shek Pier runs every 30 minutes and takes about 20 minutes to Tai Tan.

3) For those who take public transport to Hoi Ha:

a.  The 7 minibus from Sai Kung Town Centre to Hoi Ha runs every 20 minutes and takes about 25 minutes to Hoi Ha (HK$10.7 /head)

b. Green Taxi from Sai Kung Town Centre to Hoi Ha takes 20 minutes and costs around HK$95.


Join us! Click here to let us know you are joining us!

For information, please contact Nicola Newbery (Friends of Hoi Ha), 2791 6449 or [email protected]


Save Hoi Ha – Save Our Country Park ,Save Our Marine Park

Hoi Ha petition by Friends of Hoi Ha: http://www.supporthk.org/i.php/View/374?_lang=en