18 April
2 March

Online Survey: Electronic Road Pricing



Online Survey Findings 網上意見調查報告

調查日期 Survey period
2/3/2016 – 15/3/2016

We have received 375 responses to our survey. 期間共收到375份回覆。

dhk erp survey 1



dhk erp survey 2

Detailed report, please click the link below. 請按以下連結瀏覽全份意見調查報告。

DHK ERP survey report 16 March 2016









The government is consulting the public on its proposed pilot scheme for electronic road pricing in Central. (Click here for the public engagement document).

The deadline for comments is 18 March 2016.

Do you support the proposal? Object? Any views on the details? You can write to Government directly, or take part in our online survey (link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VZ5DQ9S). Our office will consolidate and report the responses to the government.

In the meantime, please find below our CEO Paul Zimmerman’s personal view as published in Southside magazine – in short Paul proposes there is no charging for the use of Connaught/Gloucester Road Corridor, but for the use of the inner areas only.

Let us know your views.






Southside Magazine – March 2016

2016-03-SS issuu

8 April

Where can I sit?


If you want people to walk, you got to make sure they can sit. At first glance this appears a contradiction, but walkable cities need many places for people to sit.
People and especially elderly are willing to walk further and forego a vehicular trip if they know there is a place to rest half way. It also makes the city friendlier.

Well placed public seats allow people to relax. It creates opportunities for incidental encounters which are important for community building. It makes the city more accessible for people with disabilities.

So how far are you willing to walk? Ever wondered why there are not more seats around our city in public areas?


18 July

3rd Runway Concerns

Currently Hong Kong has over 80% of the international flights out of the Pearl River Delta. With the 3rd Runway proponents hope to maintain a large share of this growing market. But with only 7% of the population and manufacturing moving ever further land inwards, how sensible is that? The economic gains benefit a few, while the rest of the community pays. It is not just the money: Air pollution, noise, loss of marine habitat, and traffic – lots of it.



9 June

Sign: Abolish the Small House Policy
聯署: 廢除丁屋政策!

We, the undersigned, hereby petition the HKSAR Chief Executive, C.Y Leung to:

1) Abolish the divisive, discriminatory, outdated and unsustainable Small House Policy without any further delay
or, at the very least:

2) Amend the SHP without undue delay so that the SHP no longer applies within Country Park boundaries

1) 即時廢除這個分裂香港、歧視港人、過時及不可持續發展的丁屋政策。

2) 或者最起碼要即時修訂丁屋政策,丁屋不得在郊野公園範圍內興建。



6 March

Possible Solution for PLA Pier

Proposed draft zoning by the government

Government Promise


17 January