28 April
4 January

Walking in Tsim Sha Tsui

Civic Exchange and Designing Hong Kong submitted a paper to the Harbourfront Commission on the progress of the Walkability Research and Engagement Project. The paper can be downloaded here. Below is a short powerpoint presented to the Harbourfront Commission and below is the proposed long list of fixes.

UPDATE! Ming Pao Weekly Magazine just ran a cover feature on the issue. You can download the feature here.

思匯政策硏究所與創建香港最近向海濱事務發展委員會提交了報告,匯報有關 “步行硏究及公眾參與”的進度。按這兒參看相關文件及是當天匯報的簡報。以下清單列出一連串的改善項目。

更新! 明報周刊剛為這個議題做了封面主題,請按此下載