31 October

Co-use of the Central Harbourfront 共同使用中環海濱

Designing Hong Kong, on behalf of the Central Harbourfront Concern group, has submitted a fresh proposal to rezone the majority of the Central Military Dock to Open Space.

Once approved, only the built structures and landing steps will remain permanently under military control. The 150 meter long promenade will be open to the public under the Pleasure Ground Regulations Ordinance managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Our rezoning application under section 12 (a) of the Town Planning Ordinance ensures the Government can manage the majority of the site as a public open space together with the rest of the central waterfront. The gate houses, control room and landing steps will remain under the management and maintenance by the PLA. When a vessel is berthed in Central for flag-day or other purposes, the area can be closed under the Public Order Ordinance.

There is no military need for the Central Military Dock to be permanently handed over to the PLA. The military has a large and secure military dock at Stonecutters which is fully equipped for vessel maintenance and service. The Central Military Dock is primarily for ceremonial purposes. In the extreme situation of a war or other military need, the entire waterfront of Hong Kong Island can be sequestered by the PLA at short notice.

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Site Plan of the Central Military Dock 中區軍用碼頭位置圖

16 May

Queen’s Pier to City Hall?? or Pier 9 and 10?? 大會堂重置皇后碼頭?還是選址在9號10號碼頭?

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Queen’s Pier was demolished in 2007 as part of the Central reclamation. It has since been in a government storage facility on Lantau Island.  

The Development Bureau proposes re-assembly of Queen’s Pier between piers 9 and 10. The cost is around HK$300 million. It includes expensive marine works, reconstructing the seawall and provision of landing steps.




At the same time, the Development Bureau proposes to build a covered piazza near the original site of Queen’s Pier at City Hall. The piazza will “through paving and landscape design … commemorate the historical significance of Queen’s Pier.” The estimated cost is 55 million. (C&W DC Paper No. 44/2016).


Our proposal is to re-assemble Queen’s Pier at City Hall (as close as possible to its original location):

1. Save HK$200million (No need for marine works at Pier 9/10, no need for a new covered piazza at City Hall);

2. Re-instate Edinburgh Place as a place of ceremony, including City Hall, the dias, Queen’s Pier and the Memorial Garden;

3. Queen’s Pier near its original location will remind hongkongers and visitors of one of Victoria Harbour’s former coastlines;

4. The Queen’s Pier roof will provide shelter from sun and rain for those visiting Edinburgh Place, and seating for those waiting for transport along Lung Wu Road.

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我們建議在大會堂附近重置皇后碼頭(選址在最接近原址的位置) :

1. 節省最少2億公帑(除了省卻在9號與10號碼頭之間的海事工程,亦不需要在大會堂建設一個新的有蓋廣場)

2. 修復愛丁堡廣場的整體格局,包括大會堂、愛丁堡廣場、檢閱台和皇后碼頭

3. 原址重建的皇后碼頭有助香港人和旅客回顧舊有的海岸線

4. 皇后碼頭的新簷可以為愛丁堡廣場遊人或龍和道等車乘客提供坐椅和遮蔭



7 November

The right harbour authority, otherwise we’ll be better off without
要就要對的海濱管理局 否則唔要罷就


The Government is consulting the public on the setting up of a Harbourfront Authority but both the digest and response form fail to address key concerns. These include a lack of oversight over the harbour as a whole; the lack of advisory powers over Government departments; a lack of legitimacy in land allocation; bias towards commercial operations; and a loss of the public voice on the Board.

Since 2004, Designing Hong Kong has called for an authority to create world class waterfronts. Now the shortcomings need to be resolved before the community and legislators support the proposal.



31 March
6 March

Possible Solution for PLA Pier

Proposed draft zoning by the government

Government Promise


20 February
31 December

Review on Berthing and Sheltered Space

Although the Town Planning Board saw the merit of a public marina in Pak Shek Kok, the application was rejected in the absence of a Government bureau providing policy support. The minutes can be downloaded here.

Fortunately, the policy on supply of supporting facilities for the berthing of vessels is now the subject of a study to be overseen by the Marine Department and the Transport and Housing Bureau.

For more information on the “Review on Berthing and Sheltered Space for Local Vessels in Hong Kong”:

就「香港的本地船隻停泊處及避風泊位檢討」,請參閱 http://www.hfc.org.hk/tc/task_forces/water_land_interface/meeting_20131213.html
23 October

Press release:Solution for PLA Pier in Central “Win-Win”

新聞稿 – 2013年10月23日










1 May

新聞稿 – 呼籲擴大海事處改革範圍
Press release – Call to expand reform of the Marine Department

新聞稿 2013年5月1日- 呼籲擴大海事處改革範圍



  1. 由此缺乏安全繫泊位,船隻的安全和海事業的發展一直受到影響。截至2012年年底,海事處已向本港共有12,023艘船用於旅遊、休閒、娛樂、釣魚和水上運動的船隻發牌。但是,全港只有3,230個安全繫泊位,迫使8,000艘船隻使用非安全及非標準方式停泊。
  2. 處方對缺乏安全的碼頭隻眼開隻眼閉,例如在深水灣及沿香港仔港灣的碼頭。
  3. 公眾碼頭普遍缺乏無障礙通道及設施。
  4. 中環渡輪碼頭是專為乘客而設,但是我們每天都見到上落貨物的情況。
  5. 專門維修船隻的船廠只能以短期租約方式向政府租地,未能吸引廠方就設施作進一步投資,影響層面廣泛。(見布廠灣,鴨利洲海旁道)。
  6. (more…)

30 April

新聞稿 – 海事行業向運輸及房屋局局長請願,要求解決船隻泊位不足問題。 Press Release – Petition of the Secretary for Transport and Housing for safe moorings by the Marine Industry




Mr Kandy Chan (Southern District Ship Builders Association), Paul Zimmerman (Designing Hong Kong), Hong Kong Marine Industry Association, Iand boat owners, crew and staff delivering a petition demanding safe moorings to the Transport and Housing Bureau.
陳基先生 (南區造船業總會) 、司馬文先生(創建香港)、Hong Kong Marine Industry Association、船主、船員及海事行業代表向運輸及房屋局局長遞交一封聯署請願信,要求解決香港的船隻繫泊位嚴重不足的問題。

在2013年4月30日,超過60名遊艇業大聯盟、南區造船業總會、「創建香港」、Hong Kong Marine Industry Association、船主、船員及海事行業代表向運輸及房屋局局長遞交一封聯署請願信,要求解決香港的船隻繫泊位嚴重不足的問題。


截至2012年,海事處已向7,920艘遊艇,4,103 艘交通、漁船及舷外機開敞式舢舨發牌,即本港共有12,023艘船用於旅遊、休閒、娛樂、釣魚和水上運動的船隻發牌。但是,私人遊艇碼頭的繫泊位只有 2,280個,私人繫泊位只有950個,即香港總共只有3,230個安全繫泊位。