30 April

新聞稿 – 海事行業向運輸及房屋局局長請願,要求解決船隻泊位不足問題。 Press Release – Petition of the Secretary for Transport and Housing for safe moorings by the Marine Industry




Mr Kandy Chan (Southern District Ship Builders Association), Paul Zimmerman (Designing Hong Kong), Hong Kong Marine Industry Association, Iand boat owners, crew and staff delivering a petition demanding safe moorings to the Transport and Housing Bureau.
陳基先生 (南區造船業總會) 、司馬文先生(創建香港)、Hong Kong Marine Industry Association、船主、船員及海事行業代表向運輸及房屋局局長遞交一封聯署請願信,要求解決香港的船隻繫泊位嚴重不足的問題。

在2013年4月30日,超過60名遊艇業大聯盟、南區造船業總會、「創建香港」、Hong Kong Marine Industry Association、船主、船員及海事行業代表向運輸及房屋局局長遞交一封聯署請願信,要求解決香港的船隻繫泊位嚴重不足的問題。


截至2012年,海事處已向7,920艘遊艇,4,103 艘交通、漁船及舷外機開敞式舢舨發牌,即本港共有12,023艘船用於旅遊、休閒、娛樂、釣魚和水上運動的船隻發牌。但是,私人遊艇碼頭的繫泊位只有 2,280個,私人繫泊位只有950個,即香港總共只有3,230個安全繫泊位。

15 April

Object to Central PLA pier before midnight
反對中環解放軍碼頭: 今日凌晨12點截止了!

Over 1400 people signed within 9 hours to object to PLA pier in Central. Thank you for your support. Together we make Hong Kong a livable city!

15 April

Press Release: Objection to rezoning for PLA Pier in Central
新聞稿: 反對中環碼頭改劃為解放軍碼頭

15 April 2013
Press Release: Objection to rezoning for PLA Pier in Central

We do NOT object to ceremonial visits of PLA vessels, and the opportunity of the public to visit vessels.

We do Object to zoning the area for a large development, and for permanent military use.

Enclosed is the objection submitted by Designing Hong Kong to the Town Planning Board regarding the rezoning of Central’s waterfront for the PLA berth.

For more information, please contact Debby Chan (31043107 or[email protected])  or Paul Zimmerman  (90960250 or[email protected] )

1) DHK Objection submitted to the Town Planning Board


3 April

Press Release – Marine users lose waterfront facilities with reclamations
新聞稿 – 填海計劃忽視海事設施使用者

Designing Hong Kong today proposes to include typhoon shelters and piers in all new reclamations.


28 March

Press Release: Aberdeen Harbour in Trouble 新聞稿: 香港仔港灣的危機

Press Release
27 March 2013

Mid-March, the Marine Department has issued demand letters to 100s of boats in Aberdeen Harbour for exceeding the length of their designated mooring. In addition, others have received notice reminding the owner of the mooring that he must also be the owner of the boat using that mooring. As many private moorings are sublet this is further creating mayhem.

Boat owners have been given two weeks’ notice to vacate their mooring when found in breach. The Marine Department in a meeting this morning refused to extend the notice period till November when the typhoon season ends.

With a dramatic shortfall of sheltered moorings in Hong Kong, an estimated hundred pleasure boats will be left without shelter at the start of the 2013 typhoon season. Rumours have it that a few privately held moorings have seen their rental increase by more than 100% for use next month.

As CEO of Designing Hong Kong we call on Government to urgently create public marine centres throughout Hong Kong, to address the shortfall of safe moorings for the increasing number of boats used for tourism, pleasure, recreation and sports. This shortfall of moorings makes it impossible for people – except for the super rich – to enjoy Hong Kong’s magnificent shore lines and beautiful waters.

For more information, please contact Denis Leung at 9618-8378.

Paul Zimmerman
CEO, Designing Hong Kong






20 March

Invitation for “Waterfront Activation projects” Briefing and Q&A 共建活力海濱計劃簡介及問題會

Invitation for “Waterfront Activation projects” Briefing and Q&A

We invite members of the public who are interested to join one of the briefings at their convenience. Please contact Debby Chan via [email protected] or 3104 3107 to reserve your seat:

   Wednesday, 27 March 2013
Time: 18:30 – 19:30


   Thursday, 28 March 2013
Time: 11:00 – 12:00

Place: Designing Hong Kong office, Unit 7, 5/F, Eastern Harbour Centre, 28 Hoi Chak Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong


Background information: Vibrant Harbours

Waterfront Activation Projects in Tolo Harbour and throughout Hong Kong.

To make the enjoyment of Hong Kong’s beautiful waters and coast lines affordable for all people, Designing Hong Kong is proposing new public marine facilities. Some 18 projects have been selected based on minimal ecological impact, existing marine activities, available land, road access and other conditions. Proposals are being made to relevant Government Department, District Councils and Town Planning Board, including a Section 12A application (No. Y/PSK/1) for the zoning of a waterfront site at Pak Shek Kok as “Other Specified Uses (Marine Centre)” and “Open Space”.

The 18 projects include : (Updated on 20 March 2013)

  1. Tolo Harbour Marine Recreation Centre
  2. To Tau Beach Boat Rental Club
  3. Tam Mun Tsai Boat Services Centre
  4. Hebe Haven Marina Enhancement
  5. East Channel Anchorage and Boat Rental Club
  6. Junk Bay Marine Recreation Centre
  7. Yau Tong Bay Marine Recreation Centre
  8. Kwun Tong (Kai Tak) Mooring Area
  9. Wanchai Marine Recreation Centre
  10. Tai Tam Marine Recreation Centre
  11. Shek-O Quarry Marine Recreation Centre
  12. Stanley Bay Typhoon Shelter
  13. Aberdeen Harbour Boat Services (Ap Lei Chau Praya Road)
  14. Aberdeen Harbour Boat Services (Po Chong Wan)
  15. Ocean Park Marine Recreation Centre
  16. Deep Water Bay Public Pier
  17. Stanley Beach Enhancement
  18. To Tei Wan Enhancement




時間:18:30 – 19:00


時間:11:00- -12:00


如欲前往,請提前跟職員Debby Chan 聯絡以便留座。電郵: [email protected] or 3104 3107




18個計劃地點如下:(最後更新:2013年3月20日更新 )

1)      吐露港海上活動中心
2)      渡頭船隻租賃中心
3)      三門仔海事設施
4)      優化白沙灣
5)      將軍澳東面水道-船隻租賃中心
6)      將軍澳海上活動中心
7)      油塘灣小船塢
8)      觀塘(啟德)停泊處
9)      灣仔海上活動中心
10)   大潭海上活動中心
11)   石澳海上活動中心
12)   赤柱灣避風塘
13)   香港仔輪船服務(鴨脷洲海傍道)
14)   香港仔輪船服務(布廠灣)
15)   海洋公園海上活動中心
16)   深水灣公共碼頭
17)   優化赤柱正灘
18)   優化土地灣


15 February

Public marine centre in Tolo Harbour submitted

Press Release 5 February 2013

Proposal for a public marine centre in Tolo Harbour submitted

Hong Kong, 5 February 2013 – Designing Hong Kong has submitted a Section 12a planning application to the Town Planning Board for a public marine center in Tolo Harbour.

The proposal calls for a dry stack for 200 boats and a floating pontoon system for 400 boats at Pak Shek Kok, partially in front of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. The estimated cost is around HK$200million.

The marine centre will offer affordable mooring of boats, opening up the waters of Tolo Harbour to the community for marine tourism, leisure, recreation, and water sports activities. These activities offer new job opportunities for fishermen displaced by the trawling ban. The man-made shoreline was selected to minimize the ecological impact of building waterfront facilities. The adjacent Science Park offers convenient public transport, and ample parking, retail and restaurant facilities.

“The Hong Kong community deserves public marine centres where they can store boats cheaply. Hong Kong has a spectacular 1,000km coastline, 280 islands, blue waters and white sand beaches. However, boating is restricted to the super rich who can afford a private marina. Facilities are needed for the public to keep boats and water sports equipment safe at a low cost. After all, a surfboard does not fit in your home, you can’t take it on the minibus, you can’t take it on the MTR and few people can afford a car,” said Paul Zimmerman, CEO, Designing Hong Kong Limited.

Pak Shek Kok is one of several locations identified for new facilities in Designing Hong Kong’s research ‘Vibrant Harbours – Water Activation Projects’. Site selection criteria include minimal ecological impacts, presence of leisure marine activities, available land, road access and minimal impact on commercial marine traffic.

The application by Designing Hong Kong, Y/PSK/1, proposes the zoning of a remaining waterfront site at Pak Shek Kok as “Other Specified Uses (Marine Centre)” and “Open Space”. The public can submit comments to the Town Planning Board until 22 February 2013. The same site is proposed to be zoned Residential (Group B) in the new draft Outline Zoning Plan S/PSK/10 for Pak Shek Kok (East) which is open for public comments until 18 March 2013. Designing Hong Kong does not consider this a conflict, as both plans can be combined.

“Implementation of the Public Marine Centre in Tolo Harbour will be a matter of Government to decide on. One option is to include the construction of the marine centre as a ‘Built-Transfer’ requirement with future residential land sales at Pak Shek Kok. Once built, the facilities can be operated by existing or new not-for-profit organisations,” Paul Zimmerman explained. 


26 July
20 December

HK is desperately short of facilities for water-based sport and recreation

On Friday 16 December 2011, the Town Planning Board rejected the development of a marina, hotel and luxury housing on Lamma. This, despite the financial firepower from a listed company, and the employment of a senior member of the Town Planning Board and a well-known person in Hong Kong’s sailing scene. (Planning Application Y/I-LI/1). (http://www.bol-hk.com/) (more…)

16 December

Why Hong Kong needs Public Boat Clubs

HK is desperately short of facilities for water-based sport and recreation

On Friday 16 December 2011, the Town Planning Board rejected the development of a marina, hotel and luxury housing on Lamma. This, despite the financial firepower from a listed company, and the employment of a senior member of the Town Planning Board and a well-known person in Hong Kong’s sailing scene. (Planning Application Y/I-LI/1). (http://www.bol-hk.com/)

The proposal from the developer who owns a few village and agriculture lots on Lamma was too far-fetched, but the large-scale marina, water sports and sailing centre captured the imagination of many and was strongly supported by the Home Affairs Bureau and Tourism Commission.

With our 1,000 kilometres of spectacular coastline, more than 250 islands and beautiful seas, Hong Kong is desperately short of facilities that allow the public to enjoy Hong Kong’s waters for leisure, recreation and sports.

People are forced to use crumbling steps to get on and off boats in hot spots such as Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay. Our few water sports and sailing centres are full. No one can afford the private marinas and their waiting lists for boat moorings are very long.

Hong Kong desperately needs public clubs where people can store and maintain boating equipment. Buses and the MTR do not welcome passengers carrying surfboards. No one has a garden or shed, or apartments big enough to store sports equipment.

The Home Affairs Bureau, which happily endorsed the destruction of Lamma, should take charge.

It has so far failed to ensure that man-made waterfronts, where there is no threat to the environment, have facilities for water-based leisure, recreation and sports. Ma On Shan, Kai Tak, Tseung Kwan O and Aberdeen/Ap Lei Chau are ideal with their road and rail access and large local populations. The opportunity for water activities on Junk Bay was identified as early as 1982.

Rather than a world-class municipal marina and sailing facilities, all that is available today in Tseung Kwan O is a small unlicensed private operator, the Hoi Fan Fishing Club, where you have to climb over fences and rocks to get onto a small rented sampan with an outboard engine.

Unless the bureau starts to care, the planned cross-bay bridge will block sail boats from using Junk Bay. And we will be able to look at the water, but not get on it and use it.

Paul Zimmerman

CEO, Designing Hong Kong Limited

South China Morning Post, Dec 20, 2011