2 January

We are now the member of World Urban Campaign

We uphold to make Hong Kong a better city in the forthcoming year.

Get to learn more about “World Urban Campaign”, please go to :http://www.worldurbancampaign.org/


想了解更多有關 WUC 的理念請到: http://www.worldurbancampaign.org/ (只有英文版)

20 March

“Pick It Up” Campaign ** 「拾荒救地球」運動

Our “Pick It Up” campaign promotes a positive attitude towards picking up litter. We hope that everyone in Hong Kong can work together to make “Pick It Up” a habit. Keeping Hong Kong tidy and clean, no longer about ‘not littering’, but about ‘picking up’ after oneself! If you are interested to collaborate with or have any idea, please contact us via email [email protected] or call Ms Debby Chan 31043107 for following up!

「拾荒救地球」運動希望令市民能正面的思考垃圾問題,當我們見到垃圾時不要只是抱怨或投訴,而是把它撿起來回收或丟到垃圾桶。七十年代我們有垃圾蟲叫人「不要亂拋垃圾」,今天我們身體力行的呼籲人執垃圾。「拾荒救地球」是商店、品牌公司甚至每個人都可以參與的運動。如果你有興趣跟參與我們的活動或有任何想法,請發電郵到 [email protected]  或 致電 3104 3107 與Debby Chan 聯絡!

20 February

Protect Nam Sang Wai 保護南生圍

3 July

CGO 政府總部

20 February
20 February
2 March