FQA 常見問題:Country Parks郊野公園

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Title: Whether country park land should be used for building estates?


1. What is your view towards the issue of building houses on country park land? Why?


The existence value of country parks are high – the money to create the country parks once they have been built over is unaffordable. Moreover, the amenity value of country parks continues to increase as our population grows and we increase the density of our city.


2. Is it an efficient solution to the problem of housing shortage in Hong Kong?

Most lands in country parks are government land and there are few existing uses on top or below land. This would make it cheaper than developing brown fields in the NT as long as the sites are close to infrastructure.


3. How would the biodiversity be affected if we use country park land to build houses? Will they become endangered? Are these type of species in the IUCN Red List?
如果在郊野公園興建房屋,會對生物多樣性造成甚麼影響?牠們會否因此而瀕臨滅絕?當中有沒有物種屬於國際自然保護聯盟(IUCN) 瀕危物種紅色名錄?

Development and associated infrastructure and slope stabilisation, as well as associated spill over pollution (e.g. poaching, light pollution, noise, air pollution, flight path obstruction, waste water run-off, etc.) destroys and impacts habitats for an extensive area – and reduce the area available for biodiversity to flourish, including protected species.

發展房屋、興建相關的基礎設施、平整斜坡,尤其是各種污染的蔓延(例如 打獵、光污染、噪音、空氣污染、飛行航道的阻礙、污水徑流等)都會破壞和影響鄰近廣泛地區生物的棲息地,以及減少該地生物多樣性發展的機會,包括受保護動物。

4. Will nature conservation be affected by building houses on country park land?

See Q3.

5. Apart from sacrificing country parks, can you suggest an alternative solution to the problem of housing shortage?

Develop brown fields in the NT. (See Q2)

6. Some people believe that it is reasonable to sacrifice things for the better good. Do you agree to sacrifice country park land to achieve sustainable development of Hong Kong? Do you think that sacrificing Country Park for residential use is justified?

No. Once given up the Country Park, you can’t get it back. See Q1.

7. To what extent do you agree that economic development is more important than environmental conservation?

The Country Parks are a legacy of decisions made in the past. That legacy is unique to HK. It is also what sets HK apart from Singapore, Shanghai, London, NY, etc. It defines the quality of life in HK. A key factor in people’s decision to live and work in HK.


8. What do you think can be done to balance both economic development and environmental conservation so that sustainable development can be attained?


Re-develop the industrial areas. Develop the brown fields. Reconsider our immigration policies. Don’t panic for no reason. Other cities in China will grow faster as they are catching up. That does not mean that HK will sink. Our location, topography, and life style guarantee HK a very long and healthy life as a city.