Illegal parking blocks waterfront at Shun Tak Centre 「做show 俾老細睇」信德中心代客泊車公然違規

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Illegal parking blocks waterfront at Shun Tak Centre



Illegal parking blocks waterfront at Shun Tak Centre
One of the unresolved problems in creating a continuous harbourfront and complete the Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail is Shun Tak Centre. Both pedestrian and vehicular traffic are obstructed by illegal car parking at the ground level.

Early August last year, we asked various government departments to clarify the permitted uses along the road under the Shun Tak Centre. It appears that when the land lease was signed, the plan for the ground floor failed to indicate a full set of footpaths. Neither did the approved plan allow for parking spaces. Only (un)loading and drop off / pick up facilities are allowed. Parking is available in the parking garages upstairs of Shun Tak Centre and at the adjacent Rumsey Street Multi Storey Car Park.

In October 2020, the owners of the Shun Tak Centre have been informed by Lands Department that the vehicles parking at the ground floor under Shun Tak Centre were in breach of relevant lease conditions. In its warning letter the Lands Department has requested the owner to purge the breach.

Shun Tak Centre has responded and stopped vehicles parking under the west wing. However, at the east wing, the China Merchants Tower, the parking attendant of the Macao Jockey Club continues to park vehicles at unauthorised locations under the Shun Tak Centre and along the public road, to the detriment of pedestrians as well as vehicular traffic. The Macao Jockey Club’s Hong Kong Club House is located in the Shun Tak Centre operating a collection of restaurants. Patrons drop their car for a meal, or for the day or night.

For good show, the Shun Tak security staff in full view of the Macao Jockey Club parking attendant places notices under the windshield wipers reminding owners that parking is unauthorised at these locations. These notices are removed when the attendant returns the vehicle to its owner. When we approached the security staff and attendant they told us not to worry about the notices, and that as long as we were a member of the club we could enjoy a three hour free parking service.

We have written to the Macao Jockey Club to ask them to desist from parking and interrupting pedestrian and vehicular flow. Refusing to accept their wrong-doings, we decided to explain this situation to the public of Hong Kong who wish to enjoy their waterfronts. Offering an unauthorised parking privilege to private club members to the detriment of the community’s enjoyment is a problem. I hope that the management of Shun Tak Centre and the Members and Management of the Macau Jockey Club will appreciate the situation and resolve the problems caused.



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「做show 俾老細睇」信德中心代客泊車公然違規







(立場新聞2021年1月24日連結: 「做show 俾老細睇」信德中心代客泊車公然違規)


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(立場新聞2021年1月24日連結: 「做show 俾老細睇」信德中心代客泊車公然違規)