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27 September

新聞稿 – 城規會送郊野公園的三個死亡之吻 Press Release – Country Parks: Three kisses of death today

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新聞稿 - 2013年9月27日


依據《城市規劃條例》第 5 條,海下 (S/NE-HH/1)、白腊 (S/SK-PL/1) 和鎖羅盆(S/NE-SLP/1)的分區計劃大綱草圖由城市規劃委員會擬備,於今日刊憲。雖然2010年政府曾承諾會保護郊野公園內54塊不包括土地,但今日刊憲的三個地方分別在西貢及船灣郊野公園深處,草圖留有大量土地以興建丁屋。我們參考現時其他郊野公園不包土地的發展比例計算,長此下去,西貢郊野公園內將會有3,000間村屋,而船灣將會有4,000間。





Press Release  - 27 September 2013Country Parks: Three kisses of death today
Despite the promise in 2010 to protect against development in fifty four enclaves, the Town Planning Board has today gazetted statutory plans under section 5 of the Town Planning Ordinance for Hoi Ha (S/NE-HH/1), Pak Lap (S/SK-PL/1) and So Lo Pun (S/NE-SLP/1).

The zoning for the first three enclaves allow the construction of large numbers of Small (New Territories Exempted) Houses deep inside the Sai Kung and Plover Cove Country Parks. Assuming similar ratios for all enclaves, Designing Hong Kong estimates that the East and West Sai Kung Country Parks will see 3,000 and the Plover Cove Country Park around 4,000 new Small Houses.

Paul Zimmerman, CEO of Designing Hong Kong:

“The Government failed its promise to diligently consider incorporating the enclaves under Country Park protection. There has been no environmental, traffic or visual impact assessment of the cumulative impacts on country parks of small house developments in the enclaves.”

“The cancer of small house villages seen throughout the New Territories will now spread to the country parks. The environment will rapidly deteriorate with demands for roads and transport, and the chaos of effluent drainage, sewage percolation, and unauthorized occupation of land for construction, slope stabilisation, and parking.”


24 September

保衛郊野公園「一齊行」Let’s Walk – Save Our Country Parks

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Event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/733737779975588/

(For English please scroll down)


路線:黃泥涌水塘公園(陽明山莊) → 大潭水塘建築群 → 大潭道
起步時間:上午9:30 (請提早到起點集合)

保衛郊野公園 – 大潭郊野公園導賞活動

6 – 中環(交易廣場)→ 赤柱監獄
41A – 北角碼頭 → 華富(中)
76 – 銅鑼灣(摩頓台)→ 石排灣

14 – 嘉亨灣/赤柱炮台(閘口)
314 – 小西灣(藍灣半島)/赤柱(海灘/市場)
16A,16M,16X – 柴灣站/赤柱/舂坎角

1). 活動前兩小時,天文台發出雷暴警告、三號或以上的風球,或紅雨、黑雨警告,活動便自動取消。
2). 請自備簡單乾糧及充足飲料,避免使用即棄物品。
3). 帶備雨傘及防蚊用品等。
4). 活動不包括保險,請自行保障個人安全。

【Facebook 活動專頁】https://www.facebook.com/events/733737779975588/

We are determined to save our country parks, we are ready to fight for it !
Itinerary : Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park → Tai Tam Reservoir Complex → Tai Tam Road
Time for start : 9.30 am (Please arrive at the starting point earlier)
Difficulty: easy, suitable for families, you can bring your baby trolly.

[Event Details]
Save Our Country Parks – Tai Tam Country Park guided tours
Type: Guided point (2)
Starting point: Parkview intersection
Endpoints: Tai Tam Road bus stop next to the toilet
Duration about 2.5 hours including guided tour

【Start point traffic information】
Bus routes via Wong Nai Chung Gap Road “Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park” station
6 – Central (Exchange Square) → Stanley Prison
41A – North Point Ferry Pier → Wah Fu (Central)
76 – Causeway Bay (Moreton Terrace) → Shek Pai Wan

[End point traffic information]
Via Tai Tam Road “Tai Tam Reservoir” bus and GMB Route Information
14 – Grand Promenade / Stanley Fort (Gate)
314 – Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort) / Stanley (Beach / Market)
16A, 16M, 16X – Chai Wan Station / Stanley / Chung Hom Kok

1).Two hours before the event, the Hong Kong Observatory issued a thunderstorm warning, the 3rd or above typhoon signal or Red, Black Rainstorm warning, events will be automatically canceled.
2).Please bring your own drinks and adequate food, avoiding the use of disposable items.
3). Bring umbrellas and mosquito supplies.
4). Activities do not include insurance, please protect your own personal safety.

【Facebook  event page】https://www.facebook.com/events/733737779975588/

「保衛郊野公園」行動,是由香港地球之友、香港海豚保育學會、香港自然探索學會、綠領行動、綠色和平、香港自然生態論壇、西貢大浪灣關注組、大浪灣之友、長春社、創建香港、綠色力量、環保觸覺、香港地貌岩石保育協會、大嶼山愛護水牛協會、綠色社區、西貢之友、Hong Kong Outdoors、香港觀鳥會、Ark Eden等機構組成。我們希望透過今次聯合行動,向全港市民表達一個訊息:保衛郊野公園,寸土必爭。




“Save Our Country Park” action by Friends of the Earth Hong Kong, Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, Society of Hong Kong Nature Explorers, Greeners Action, Greenpeace, HKWildLife.net, Sai Kung Tai Long Wan Concern Group, Friends of Tai Long Wan, the Conservancy Association, Designing Hong Kong, Green Power, Green Sense, the Hong Kong Association for Geoconservation, Lantau Buffalo Association, Green Communities, Friends of Sai Kung, Hong Kong Outdoors, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, Ark Eden etc. We hope that through this joint action, expressing a message to all the people: to save our country park for every inch.

We will organize a series of activities to raise public awareness about the importance of balance between development and the environmental conservation, we will propose constructive proposal to the community, to promote Hong Kong as a world’s leading cities in sustainable development.

Let’s join together to take action for our home and next generation!

Please like and follow our Facebook page for any updates: https://www.facebook.com/saveourcountryparks

16 September

Press Release – The destruction of the Plover Cove Country Park approved by the Town Planning Board

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新聞稿 - 2013年9月16日



Press Release 

The destruction of the Plover Cove Country Park approved by the Town Planning Board
The minutes of the Town Planning Board meeting of 9 August 2013 show that it approved the publication of the Outline Zoning Plan for So Lo Pun with an area for 135 small houses. The Country and Marine Parks Authority – the Director of the Agriculture and Fisheries Department – failed to object to small house developments in So Lo Pun, and failed to stop the invasion of small houses in the Plover Cove Country Park.

So Lo Pun is an abandoned village on the outer edge of the Plover Cove Country Park without road access or sewerage, in an area with a sensitive ecology. Find out more about Plover Cove Country Park at the Government’s own website.

There are no outstanding Small House applications for So Lo Pun as land owners have no interest in living there. But keen to profit from development rights villagers rallied together protesting against conservation with banners throughout the Plover Cove Country Park.

They wrote letters to the Town Planning Board claiming they would return to the village in the future. The village representative estimated an entirely unverifiable 10-year forecast demand of 270 small houses, and an even larger v-zone was included.

So Lo Pun is the first of seven new enclaves to be zoned for small house developments in the Plover Cove Country Park. The future spread of the small house cancer can be seen from the locations of the enclaves. Demands for roads to support the developments are already being made. The Outline Zoning Plan allows for such public works and infrastructure. The environmental impact of the cumulative house and infrastructure developments permitted in So Lo Pun and Plover Cove Country Park as a whole has NOT been assessed before granting approvals.

The existing enclave Wu Kau Tang (Marked B in blue on the map) shows how the environment will degrade under the Small House Policy. With the failure of the Planning Department and the AFCD to stand up to the Lands Department and the Heung Yee Kuk, the small house cancer will be allowed to destroy the Plover Cover Country Park.

The community should reconsider its options. These enclaves of private land can be included in the Country Park, with compensation reflecting the agricultural purpose of the block Government leases. Up-zoning these areas for village house development first will increase the public cost for resumption and compensation. Alternatively, compensation might be considered by means of land exchange to villagers/land owners when their private land is zoned for conservation. Either way, it is not too late for the public to stand up against the small house destruction.
13 September

Press Release – Town Planning Board did not wait for Paul Chan to destroy the Sai Kung Country Parks

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Despite objections from green groups and conservation experts, Government has given in to the Heung Yee Kuk with large development zones for small houses inside country parks.

During today’s meeting, the Board agreed to publish the first 2 draft Outline Zoning Plans in the Sai Kung Country Parks. Based on the land zoned for small house development (v-zones) in Pak Lap and Hoi Ha, it is estimated that more than 3,000 small houses may be built inside the country park once the full 320ha of all 19 enclaves is zoned. The community will have two months to object and tell the Heung Yee Kuk to take their hands off our country parks.

Hoi Ha (S/NE-HH/1) is a village of 8ha with 34 houses adjacent to the Hoi Ha Marine Park: 80 more houses can be built on the new v-zone and green belt ‘expansion’ area.

The second zoning approved today is for Pak Lap (S/SK-PL/1), a village of 6ha with 20 houses: 72 houses can be added despite the lack of access (oops, not counting the illegal road built recently).

The flood of new small houses will destroy the Sai Kung Country Parks.  There has been no environmental impact assessment of the cumulative impact of the zoning for small houses, nor has the Country and Marine Parks Board considered the combined impacts of these developments on the Sai Kung Country Parks.

There are around 500 houses in the ‘inner’ Sai Kung Country Park – past the gate at Pak Tam Chung. Creating development zones for 3,000 new small houses will increase demand for transport and increase road traffic during construction and after occupation when each house can have 3 flats, and each dwelling can have two vehicle permits. This creates the need for road widening and improvements works such as street lights affecting the entire inner country park.

More importantly, Small or Village House developments are officially known as ‘New Territories Exempted Houses’ – the most destructive form of development in Hong Kong. We note just a few “exemptions”:

1.       There is no sewerage and village houses depend on percolation through the ground from septic tanks and soak away pits, contaminating underground and surrounding waters.
2.       Storm drains are laid at random by private contractors for each house separately through the surrounding country park to nearby waters.
3.       Expedient connections from baths, and often kitchens and toilets pollute the storm drains, and nearby waters.
4.       No access, roads, paths or parking spaces are provided forcing residents to resort to unlawful road construction and illegal occupation of government land in country parks.
5.       Each house is either exempted from site formation or developers construct their own platforms.
6.       Excavation, land filling, platform and small house construction lacks quality controls. Land formation, excavation and slope stabilization is random and of poor quality extending well into the country park.
7.       The location of each house is subject to application and ownership of previous paddy fields rather than based on well planned village layouts. This leads to chaotic developments as can be seen in all village environs in Hong Kong.
8.       And we have yet to explain the environmental pollution of the actual construction of individual houses by village contractors.


The Town Planning Board is approving the destruction of the Sai Kung Country Parks with small house developments.


Pak Lap has 20 houses today. The red line indicates the land made available for new small houses.

Hoi Ha has 34 houses today. The red line indicates the land made available for new small houses.

12 September

Nominations for Public Space Awards 2013


Nominations for Public Space Awards 2013

Do you enjoy Hong Kong’s streets, parks and public spaces? Which ones are terrible, and which ones are outstanding?

Nominate your good and bad public spaces for the Outstanding Public Space Awards 2013.

Register at www.publicspace.hk to nominate public spaces in different categories:  Publicly or privately owned streets and walkways, and publicly or privately owned parks and piazzas.

Don’t forget to submit outstandingly BAD public space for the Spoof Award!

“The Outstanding Public Space Awards 2013″ is organized by Hong Kong Public Space Initiative, RFP Magazine and Designing Hong Kong. 

Please visit www.publicspace.hk right now! The nominations will be published in October for Hong Kong to vote on.


拓展公共空間、RFP雜誌 聯同 創建香港 舉辦嘅『The Outstanding Public Space Awards 2013』現正接受提名。你只要係www.publicspace.hk


1. 公眾街道和行人路
2. 私人街道和行人路
3. 公眾公園和廣場
4. 私人公園和廣場


12 September
23 July
11 June
11 June

新聞稿 – 第二條「邊度冇路行」影片發放
Press Release – Second “Missing Links” Video Released Today

11 June 2013



司馬文說:「一直以來,車輛都有使用道路優先權。我們需要改變這個思維並將重點放在行人方 面。儘管自1977年以來,當局已耗資160億元於鞏固斜坡工程,當中一半的斜坡是位於道路旁邊,但是政府沒有在進行斜坡工程時一同修葺行人路。透過網上 平台,我們希望能建立一個資料庫務求平衡行人的需要。」



In the latest video promoting ‘missinglinks.hk’ Paul Zimmerman had to jump and hang off a fence to save him from oncoming traffic.

The “Lost in Deep Water Bay” video (http://youtu.be/MtI9OPiiZB8) highlights the problem of intermittent footpaths along Hong Kong’s roads.

The first video, “Lost in Tsim Sha Tsui” (http://youtu.be/ThFiS_Nn0Q4) highlighted the problem of missing pedestrian crossings by comparing jaywalking across Salisbury Road with the tunnel route.

“The priority has always been the vehicle. We need a greater focus on pedestrians. Despite spending $16 billion on fixing slopes since 1977, half of which were along roads, Government did not fix the footpaths at the same time. By creating a list on-line we hope to help re-balance the focus,” Paul Zimmerman explained.

Designing Hong Kong has created the “Missing Links” campaign to gather information on pedestrian links which need to be fixed through crowd sourcing. People are invites to upload pictures of footpaths or crossings which need improvement at www.missinglinks.hk.

Designing Hong Kong will inform the Transport Department and track their response on-line.

4 May