Designing Hong Kong Limited is a not-for-profit organization devoted to promoting sustainability, quality of life and good design as core values in planning, development and governance. Its aim is to increase public awareness and to improve Hong Kong’s collective ability to plan and deliver a ‘beautiful’ city. It promotes collaborations on interventions wherever it sees bad planning and wherever it sees that policies or institutions are not working the way they should. Designing Hong Kong is a member of the World Urban Campaign by UN-Habitat.

Current campaigns of Designing Hong Kong:

  1. Waste Reduction (beverage packaging, food containers)
  2. Conservation (reduce and reverse loss of country parks, wetlands, and areas reserved for agriculture, green belt and other conservation uses)
  3. Sustainable Urban Development (master planning, land supply,  urban renewal/over development, harbourfront, infrastructure)
  4. Liveable City (walkability, harbourfront, public space)

創建香港Designing Hong Kong是一所致力推動可持續發展、優質生活及美好設計作為規劃、發展及管治核心的非牟利機構。希望透過提昇公眾意識,集思廣益,共同規劃及建設宜居和「美麗」的城市。創建香港會以合作模式,為有問題的規劃及不善的政策謀出路。創建香港亦是聯合國世界城市運動的會員。

創建香港Designing Hong Kong最新動態有:

  1. 減少棄置廢物 – 飲品包裝、食物包裝盒
  2. 保育 – 減少及避免流失郊野公園、濕地及可預留為耕作、綠化帶及保育用途的土地
  3. 可持續市區發展 – 整體規劃、土地供應、市區重建/發展過度、海濱、基建
  4. 宜居城市 – 有路可行、海濱、公共空間

Our Projects